Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in review........

I wish I could ramble on about all kinds of races I ran this year, but I can't. I ran 1 half marathon back in January and 2 marathons. Considering all the traveling I did with my hubby in the earlier part of the year, and then moving from Utah to Kentucky in July, I am pleased. The only thing I would change about my running in 2008 is that I would have kept my miles up even after moving. The move was a big one, and it messed with my mind a little, I was nervous to try out a new town and to do it by myself was scary to think about. I eventually started running outside again, but only for my long runs, which I run on Saturdays.

Now a little about the three races I ran this year.

I ran the Painters Sun
Half Marathon in January with these beautiful ladies.
Maria (sister) Sarah (sis-in-law) Me~ Frances (twin sister) Amberly (niece)

This is a fun, chill, marathon. The weather is always perfect, and the people are just so nice. It was Sarah, Frances', and Amberly's first half. All with great times.

Oct of '07 I qualified for Boston, and ran it in April of this year. First, I have to say, "I LOVE Boston so much". Not just the race but the city too. I loved everything about that trip. However, I had a bit of the stomach bug to start with and so by mile 9 when I stopped to pee, my time started to slow because of some major pain in my belly. I finished A LOT slower (4:15) then my qualifying time (3:27) but I was just happy to be there and took in the entire experience. I can't wait to re qualify so I can try it again, and maybe with a better time.

This is me and the Hubs on the Duck tour. I am sporting my coveted Boston '08 jacket.

I was able to at least start the race with two of my cousins, (Matt & Laura) who are also from Utah. We had so much fun catching up and touring the city together. They are great peeps.

After Boston I got the post-race blues big time. So I quickly decided to run the Ogden City Marathon which was a month later. This race I too was able to start with one of my cousins, (Becky). We met up that morning to ride the bus up the canyon together. She was also meeting someone she had never met but knew through a friend, and her name is Runner Girl some of you may know her through the blogging world. She is fabulous and I am forever grateful I had the fortunate opportunity to have met her. Check her out, she is trying to run 40 marathons by the time she turns 40, she is 38. Go girl......

Well, all though it was a small year in regards to races, it was big year for my family. I am just happy we are all healthy and functioning as well as we are after the big move. Happy New Year, and Happy Running.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My new Header.....

My sister in law was so kind to change my blog a bit for me. She made me up a cute Header and she changed the colors a bit. I love it..... In the Header you will see a fence, I am not sure if it is, but it looks like Kentucky, or I should say, it looks like the horse farms out here. I also was happy with the runner she put on my header. At first look I thought, well she looks like me, but she is skinny and so I told myself it wasn't. When I emailed Kristi I told her "Thank you for the header it is great, now I will just make my readers think that girl running is me". She got a kick out of that one, cause it is me. Back in June of 2007 I ran the third leg of a Triathlon, and she took this picture of me. It sure made me look at where I am now with my fitness and how I have let myself go. It just confirms in my mind "I have a lot of work ahead of me, and 2009 will be a good one."
I hope everyone has a safe, fun and exciting New Years Eve. We are staying at home with the kids and playing games, and maybe we will let them stay up late. In the next few days, I plan to give an overview of 2008 in running. It isn't much but I will give it a try.
* one hint.... I ran Boston this year....

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas.......

I have been LAZY this week, I am almost to embarrassed to tell you all just how lazy.... I ran a little on Monday and then lifted.... yep, that is it. So tomorrow I am lifting for another hour and then running 5. Saturday will be an easy 10 miler. I was hoping to skim through the Holidays with no weight gained...... nope.... I have gained a few and I am sick about it. At first I thought I would wait till Jan 1st, you know, new years resolutions and all that good stuff. I decided today after looking at myself in the mirror, that I need to start now, today. No more Christmas goodies and no more sugar. I have the biggest sweet teeth of anyone I know, except my 3 year old and she got it from me. I also have a weakness for Diet Pepsi. I love it. I drink WAY to much of it, and as soon as the 6 cans that are in my fridge are gone...... no more. I have always known this but not really thought or cared to much about it, but Jillian from the Biggest Loser put it best..... "If it doesn't have a mom, or grow in the ground or a tree, then DON'T eat it". So that is it, I am watching my portions and making better choices starting right now. My oldest will be 8 in March and we have some family coming to Kentucky for her baptism (we are Mormon) and I want to look and feel my best. Right now I don't, but I am going to change that.

So with training and making the best choices in the kitchen, I am hopeful I will be a hot momma by the end of March. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my sad little (chubby) mind.

Wishing you all a Merry and HEALTHY Christmas weekend.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Not a great week.......

Monday: Lifted for and hour and ran 3 miles

Tuesday: Sleet + Snow= school was closed

Wednesday: 45 min spin class

Thursday: 1 hr and 15 min of Yoga followed by 4 miles on the treadmill

Friday: a 3 year old running high fevers, with sores in her mouth, diarrhea, coughing, drippy nose and an upset stomach....I hope to do a Tae Bo DVD and some at home Yoga.

Saturday: 16 mile scheduled long run

Not a great week, but as long as I get that 16 miles in I will be happy. So pray for good weather and that I don't come down with what the kids have.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Dentist vs Running

I hate hate hate going to the dentist. Every six month when the hubby reminds us we are due for cleanings, I pray, cross my fingers, and just plain beg that I wont have any cavities. I have said for some time now, "I would rather visit with the Gynecologist." I think I mean it too.

I had to go today to get two little cavities filled. My cute, precious 3 year old has two as well and they fixed the smaller one today and next week they will dig in and attack the big one. This was our first visit with this dentist and Holy crap, I knew it was expensive to get your teeth fixed, but this guy is outrageous, even after insurance.

So today this is what I have to say.....

I would rather run 26.2 miles, untrained, no Gu, No ipod, & No GPS, then go to the dentist....... (shiver, shiver)
*I will admit, it wasn't as bad as usual today......

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday's long run report.

I am happy to say, I felt great. I felt like I could run forever. Well not really other wise I would have finished the 15 I was scheduled and not wimped out with only 14. I run a road that is super hilly, I mean Hilly with a capital H.... hell, lets capitalize the entire word.....HILLY.

I like running hills, I always have felt strong running hills, and I really feel they just make you a better, faster, stronger runner. So Sat, I ran this road, we will call it.....HILL road. I ran 7 out and 7 back. The town I live in does not have many roads with a shoulder of any kind. So I pick this road because the only thing out there are horse farms. (I know, talk about GORGEOUS) and there is not a lot of traffic. I have kind of fallen in love with this route. I would run it everyday if I could. I am going to copy NikeMom and the next time I run this route I am going to take my cute, pink camera and takes some pictures for you.

Anyways, I am super happy I prayed for great weather. It was 31 degrees when I left the house but 39 when I got home. I ended up shedding my top layer, and my gloves. The sun was out and shinning so bright, no rain, no snow and just a touch of a breeze. It was perfect.

14 miles in 2:03....... I was happy with that, considering all of my HILLS.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Motivation needed......

Thanks to all who gave advice on running with a cold. I guess I already knew it all, just wanted/needed a little support. I am feeling better.

I have been struggling with logging miles since being home from our trip. I can't blame it all on my cold, I have just felt sluggish and lonely. Don't get me wrong, I like being in Ky, it is where we need to be right now and it is really good for my little family to depend on each other. I just miss our families and our friends. So when it comes time to run, I talk myself out of it. Not sure exactly why, you would think the opposite would happen. I didn't run a long run last weekend and I have only logged 6 miles in one week. UGH..... I am beginning to wonder if I will be ready for my Feb marathon. I am scheduled to run 15 this weekend and I am nervous about it. I am going to pray for decent weather and some more then decent Motivation.

I have been lifting weights and I went to spinning yesterday and did and 1 hr 15 min of Yoga this morning. I love spinning, it kicks my butt and Yoga, well I am not flexible at all, so it is very challenging for me. We worked our upper body today in Yoga, so I am certain my arms will be sore tomorrow.

Run Far!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Running with a Cold....

The day we left Utah, I felt a cold coming on. I thought I was keeping it at bay pretty well until yesterday when I woke up. My face and head feel like a train ran over it. I still managed to run three mile yesterday, but today I could barley breath and felt like sleeping in. I am hoping maybe later today I will feel a bit better and head out the door for a quick one. Any tips on a faster, recovery and/or tips on running with a cold?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Winter Rules

I am home from Utah , and we had a great trip. We visited lots of family and friends, and we were very ready to get home to our own beds. Thanks to Franny and Nikki for putting us up for the nights we were in your town. I was able to log 26 miles while in Utah. I was pretty happy with my numbers, considering I was not sleeping in my bed and eating all kinds of crap. While running my long run on Friday, I had a Mule deer buck and Doe jump out in front of me, it scared me at first and then I just stood there and watched them run away. I was reading in the Dec issue of Runner's World, on page 34 it has an article on "Winter Rules, How to stick with training when it gets dark and chilly". I hate running in the winter. There are fewer daylight hours and it is cold and windy and wet. I run alone so it gets hard to push through and get up and run the miles I need. I have found that if I register for an Early Spring Marathon it will get me out the door and pounding out the miles. (I have registered for a Feb Marathon, how's that for early Spring?) I usually run on the treadmill during the week and hit the road on Sat for my long run.



Scout out well-lit, traffic-free routes near your home, office, and kids' activities. Find two or three alternatives near each place so that you have options for different conditions-and a little variety. Find a few indoor options, too. Many health clubs offer winter memberships, and some malls and arenas open their doors to runners after hours.


If you can't find safe options for running in the dark, go out at lunch. At first you might feel sluggish exercising midday, but after two or three runs, you'll feel better. The break from your desk will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Make sure to have a light snack one to two hours before your run.


Hills build leg and lung power. Find a moderately steep rise, or set the treadmill at a two- to four-percent incline. After a warm up, run up the hill for five to 10 seconds, then walk downhill. Next, run for 10 to 12 seconds, picking up the pace slightly, and take a one-minute walk break. For the last segment, run for 10 to 20 seconds. On each workout, add 15 to 30 seconds of running and a one-minute walk break. Be sure to cool down.


Speed work can help you make the most out of your limited time. After a warm up, run for 20 seconds at a pace that's slightly faster than usual, then walk for 40 seconds. Do this twice more, picking up your pace slightly each workout.