Tuesday, December 14, 2010

winning and losing

With temps in the low teens at noon, and -4 when I wake up.... I have been hitting the treadmill for the last week. I have to admit, I really don't mind the treadmill. The first few runs kind of mess with my head, but after a week.... I am settling into a routine and only missed half of my long run on Saturday, due to needing to be a mommy. ;)

After my 7 miler today, I had a gentlemen next to me ask if I had won my race. I laughed, because I guess I did. I felt great today and really felt as though I could have run forever. I sweat like a pig on the treadmill and it makes for some gnarly chaffing. yuck. I like that I can play with my speed, and the incline to make for a more entertaining workout. I don't own a treadmill, so I hit the YMCA. I am such a people watcher. Running for over an hour on the mill, at the YMCA makes for some great people watching. I am scheduled for 14 miles this weekend. I pray it warms up enough for my wimpy butt.

As for the Sporty Girl Giveaway I posted about last week... guess what?!?! I won. Wahoo. Time to shop for some bling to showcase my passion. I love winning. As for losing, the only thing I like to lose is weight... which I have been doing well at. YAY ME! Double yay to The Biggest Loser Finale on tonight. Go Aida. I will be tuning in after my 5 year old's Christmas program at school. Did y'all watch the Biggest Loser Marathon last week? I love that episode. Even though I have run 13 marathons, it is still so motivating to watch them cross the finish line.

The hubby is still doing well in his half marathon training. He ran 6 miles last week, his longest run ever. I am so proud of him. Also, my twin sister started her marathon training to run her first full in April.... which I will be able to run with her. So exciting.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Give away....

me me me... I want one.

Holy crap. Go check out this super cute athletic jewelry by Sporty Girl.
Stacey over at Runner Girl is having a giveaway I want the race bracelet.

I am not sure which marathons I would put on the tags.... I think 13 tags would be a bit much. Maybe Boston '08, STG '07 and RUN FAR.... huh??? I will have to think about it.