Thursday, November 3, 2011

NYC marathon or bust

Today is the day..... I'm leaving on a jet plane and headed to NYC. The marathon is on Sunday.... that's just 3 short days folks. If you are interested in traking my performance (eek) then you can go to the NYC marathon website and there are several options. One of which is an APP for your phone, and you can even track my EXACT where abouts-mile by mile, along the course. Awesomeness-

My bib number is : 19722
I am in the 9:40 start wave.... so happy to be in the first of the three waves. Let's get this party started!!!!!

Ok, so I found some fun Stats for the NYC marathon. Enjoy!!!

-To get to the starting line, runners will board 12 ferries leaving from Manhattan. About 500 buses will take runners to the start at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island from points in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey and beyond.

-At the start there will be 1,694 portable toilets, 42,000 PowerBars, 90,000 bottles of water and 563 pounds of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee beans, enough to make 45,000 cups. About 500 volunteers will collect more than 10 tons of sweat suits, sleeping bags and Snuggies, much of which will be cleaned and given to charities. The bridge must be cleared within an hour of the last runner’s leaving. More than 70 United Parcel Service trucks will take the athletes’ belongings to the finish line.

-Along the course, 62,370 gallons of water and 32,040 gallons of Gatorade will be served in 2.3 million paper cups that can now be recycled, thanks to new technology. Another 60,000 PowerBar Gel packets will be available at Mile 18.

-About 11 tons of trash will be collected at the 24 fluid stations, much of it cardboard, plastic jugs and cups. The 24 station “captains” have more than 400 years of experience combined. Along the course, 137 bands (all vetted by New York Road Runners) will perform on dozens of stages. Runners can check their times on the 106 clocks on the course.

-Among the more than 6,000 volunteers on race day are medical workers at the 38 aid stations. They will have on hand 11,410 pounds of ice, 13,475 bandages, 57,059 salt packages and 390 tubs of Vaseline.