Saturday, January 29, 2011

What do you think of???

What do you think of when you say "I had a great long run?"

It has been weeks since I have had a GREAT long run. Remember in my last post I mentioned running with a new friend here in my new little town?? Well it didn't happen... because.... duh duh duh.... My hubby surprised me with my twin sister... that's right, he flew her out here (Ky)and I had no idea. They had it planned for 3 weeks. I walked in the door and turned the corner and BAM.... there she was in all her glory and beauty. I screamed, then jumped up and down, then hugged her super tight and cried my eyes out. I was in shock. So for my long run last Sat (which was a drop down week) I wanted to spend that time alone with the twinner so we could chat and catch up with out little girls begging for our attention. Our 12 miler went great and we felt even better. We were able to get 3 more runs in together before she left me yesterday to go back to her home in Utah.
This is the twin and I last summer. We had just hiked to the top of Angels Landing at Zions National Park in Southern Utah. I am on the right. So I got another plan together with my new running buddy. We met up at 6am at the YMCA, today. It's kind of weird meeting up with someone you have never met. But can I just say... it was great. She was absolutely adorable and we have several things in common. The pace was a tad slower then I have been running on long runs, but I didn't mind.... I had a running buddy. I don't know about Erin, but the time flew by for me. I felt great. I took a roctane GU every 5 miles (I swear by that stuff) and we finished up with 18.5 miles under our fuel belts. It was so motivating for the marathon I have coming up on March 12th. {This one is called "Land between the lakes trail run" They have a 14.2 mile run, a marathon, a 37 mile run and a 50 miler. I am hoping next March i will be ready for the 50. Click here to check it out. }

Anyways... so as for my title.

I have sore toes, one was even bloody when I got home. I have bubble gut, (everyone calls it something different) My sports bra rubbed pretty good and left some nasty chafed marks.

Y-Ouch. My neck and shoulders are tender and I am almost to exhausted to take my girls roller skating... but I had a GREAT long run, and I am one happy little runner.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


I am pretty excited. I was invited to run with 2 other ladies on Saturday. Wahoo! I haven't had a training partner, well ever. OK, a little exaggeration, but I really haven't.. not really. When I trained for my long runs during my first marathon training (8 yrs ago) I ran long with a friend. That is really it. Of Course I have had the occasional run with a friend here and there.

I have been very pleased with the amount of people who run here in my new town. I keep hearing or meeting of new people who have run a half/full or just interested in running. Any who, Through Face Book, I met a gal here in my town who is training for an April marathon and invited me to run long with her and her friend on Saturday. Wahoo. I guess I am kind of nervous. What if I slow them down. What if they are to slow. Will they GU when I am ready? Where do they run? This small town is hard to log a distance run. Even though I have a million things running through my head, I am super excited to run with someone.

I have been struggling big time with my long runs. Remember in one of my previous posts I mentioned needing to lose weight? Well, I have lost 15 lbs.... because I have cut my calories and making sure I burn enough calories each day. Well, I think my long runs are suffering from this. Have you ever trained for a marathon while trying to lose weight? If so... advice would be great.

Oh ya, my super awesome hubby, gave me a body bug for Christmas. I love being able to see just how many calories I have burned in the day. Wahoo!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Did you see it too?

The hubs and I had to travel out to Lexington for the night for some family stuff, and so I used the opportunity to see "Hood to Coast" with 2 of my gal pals. (on January 11Th) We were not disappointed. I loved every moment. There is nothing like watching your passion on the big screen. Now I have to admit, I haven't yet had the chance to run a relay yet, but I hope to run Ragnar's Wastach Back or Red Rock relay in Southern Utah. 197 miles
15,000 runners
4,100 volunteers
August 26-27 2011
Largest relay in the world
From Majestic Mt. Hood to beautiful Pacific Ocean in Seaside

Click here for the link to Hood to Coast's website.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1,200 in 2010

Happy New Year!
I am not going to lie... I am happy to say goodbye to 2010 and hello to a new year. I wont go into details, but 2010.... not the best year for me or my little family, 2011 WILL be better....

I reached 1,200 miles for 2010. Not bad considering I had 4 months in a row with 60 miles or under. Not the best few months for me, running, physically or mentally, but I am back at it and headed for new goals in 2011.

I was able to keep track of my miles easily with Tall Mom's 1,000 club spreadsheet. She is amazing and has a great blog, if you haven't read her, you really should. Her favorite number is 33, so for 2011 the goal is to reach 1,033 miles. Go check her out and let her know you are interested in the 2011 club. Click here.

I will be ringing in the new year with a lonely 14 miler. Just happy to have the health to run at all.