Thursday, June 14, 2012

Um, yikes.....

It's only been like forever since my last post.
                                 (All these pics are from the Buffalo 50 miler)
Let's see... the last post said I was off to NYC, and then I haven't updated anything since. So here is a quickly on what my running world has been like since Nov.

- I ran NYC marathon in 4:05... and I loved every minute.
- I ran Rocket City marathon in Huntsville Alabama (#20) after being super sick for a week, and losing 5 lbs. I was nervous but I knew I was going to run no matter what. I just took it easy from the start and finished in 4:45 (I think :))
- I ran Land Between the Lake trail marathon as a training run for the 50 miler I had coming up. 4:55 (I think)
- I ran Buffalo 50 mile ultra run in Utah, out on Antelope Island in March. I was hoping for anything under 10:04 because I wanted to beat my previous years time by an hour. (11:04) I finished in 9:50... YAY me!!!
- I ran Iron mom Half marathon in Paducah Ky, May 12th... I came in at 1:36 and first female overall. I won $100 to Dick's sporting goods.
- I ran a 10 hour endurance run this past weekend. It was in Paducah Ky. It was held on a 1/2 mile horse track which was made up of finely crushed limestone and dirt. It was a lot like running on gravel and it was brutal on my backside. My goal was to run 50 miles in the 10 hours. I finished with 104 laps in 9:55.... which according to the race officials is 52 miles. However.... my garmin 310xt tracked me at 54.1 miles. I knew at mile 1 when it beeped and I still had a tenth of a mile to reach a complete 2 laps, that the track was not measured right. So I am saying I ran 54 miles, even though official results say I ran 52.... whatever...

So what's next?

-I am running a marathon on July 24th out in Utah. This will be my hubby's first full marathon. I have two sisters running with us as well. I am so excited.
- I am hoping to run another 50 miler in Oct in Nashville.
- I am going to try for a marathon PR (3:25) in Dec.
- and then next March I am hoping to complete my first 100 mile Ultra marathon.

Ok, I'm tired.... ;)

What do you have coming up that you are most excited for?