Thursday, December 31, 2009


I ran 2 miles today.... I don't usually run on Thursdays. I usually do Yoga. The Yoga gal from the Y is out of town.

I noticed yesterday, that if I ran 2 miles today, (Thur) then I would be at 1,230 miles for the year of 2009. So I ran 2 miles on the treadmill. I thought about running 6 miles, then my number would be 1234, but I am planning on 10 miles tomorrow, for the 10 for '10. (You know... to celebrate 2010)..... so I didn't want to push the miles today.

I was planning/hoping to get around to posting about all my marathons in 2009.... not sure I am in the mood. Sorry. So this is what you get.

Happy New Year to you all. Be safe and happy.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Run 10 for '10

RunnerMom is hosting... Run 10 for '10. Go check her out HERE.
Run 10 miles on Jan 1st 2010.

Monday, December 21, 2009

yay me... and Holiday GU?

So a woot woot and a YAY me... I ran 8 miles on the treadmill pain free today. I felt so awesome. I really wanted to keep running, but knew I shouldn't push it. After my last post about running pain free, I ran a little more, and it was NOT pain free. So I have been really down and annoyed. I am just counting down the days till me Doc apt. (29Th) This was the furthest I have run since my marathon in Oct. We will see what tomorrow shall bring. Lets hope more pain free workouts.So Tall mom is hosting yet again another GREAT giveaway. I love GU. I actually use Roctane GU. I feel like it keeps me head strong longer while running long. Anyways, Tall Mom is giving away some Holiday flavored GU. So yummy. Go check her out here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

POP goes the ankle????







Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For Tall Mom.....

I am terrible. Remember about a month ago when I won Tall Mom's, Brooks for her giveaway and I won this super cute pink running jacket? Well I have not blogged about receiving it, or posted a pic of me wearing it. Every time I think about taking a pic, it is me and the 4 yr old. I really have had her practice her photography skills on me in my killer jacket, but have never liked the photo's... so, this morning I finally just snapped one of myself in the mirror. I realize I covered my face... on purpose, (just woke up) and the mirror has a crack (where it opens) down the middle. So basically a terrible shot... but here it is anyways. I love the jacket. It is super comfy, I love to wear it to and from the Gym. I haven't tried running in it yet. I might try that tomorrow. Happy Wednesday.

* Yesterdays HBBC points
Boot camp for 75 min = 4 pts
15 min on the elliptical= 1 pt
* Today's HBBC points
Spinning for 45 min = 3 pts
3 mile run = 3 pts

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

what a random thing to do.... and I did it.

My workout agenda for today was as follows:

45 Spinning (3 HBBC pts)
3-5 miles on the treadmill... ended up going only 3, had a bit of pain (3 HBBC pts)
15 min of abs (1/2 HBBC pt)
15 min on the elliptical (1 pt)
7 1/2 HBBC pts

So this morning I went to Spin class, it was wonderful, as usual. I love it. Kicks my trash. Then because it was raining outside and I am still trying to get over this cold/sinus infection I decided to run on the treadmill. As I got about 4 min in, I was feeling a bit of ankle pain again, not to bad, but I decided to jump off to the sides and massage and stretch my ankle area. As I looked down, I noticed I was wearing 2 DIFFERENT running shoes. They are both Pink and Both Asics. Oh my word, I was so embarrassed. I turned to my friend who was on the treadmill next to me and pointed it out. She claims you could barely tell a difference. What a strange and weird thing to do/happen. Only me... I swear if my head wasn't attached, I would lose it all the time.

Shot from above
Left Foot

Right Foot

Monday, November 30, 2009

question......... please help

OMGosh.... she is going to kill me for sharing this photo. This is from this past summer at a camp out for church.

I have this marvelous friend. When we moved to KY, she was so kind to me and my family. She is one of a kind. She says it how it is and she is also just so much fun to be around. She lost around 40 lbs on weight watchers over the last 2 yrs or so.... (Karen, am I right?) and she has also become a runner in the process. She amazes me with her drive for more, longer, better. I don't know how old she is, and I am not even going to guess, but I know she knows a hell of a lot more about life then I do, and I really appreciate all advice I receive from her. Cool thing, she has been coming to me for running advice. What? who am I to give advice? Sure I have run 11 marathons, 12 half marathons, and countless other 5K's and 10K's, but me... really? So I do my best to answer her questions, and I love it. I love feeling like I have something I can give back to her. She has run a number of 5K's this year, and her distance is up to a 10K. She has made the goal and found the desire to run her first half marathon in Lexington Ky, this coming March. I am so proud of her.

So to the question. She has been reading a book on running, a beginners book. She couldn't remember the name or author as we were chatting. The book tells her NOT to lift weights on her lower body, on days she cross trains. I really have not thought about it. I am that runner that has NEVER followed any sort of running plan. I have always done my own thing. (which hasn't been to shabby as far as my times go) I only lift weights maybe twice a week and even then, it's mostly squats and lunges and dead lifts. I never use the machines. I NEVER do calve raises or anything to strengthen my shin muscles. So, I didn't have an answer for her on this one. So I told her I would shoot out this question or concern to all my wonderful, fellow running/bloggy buddies. What do you think?
Should she be lifting her lower body on her cross train days?
BTW- I was able to run 6 miles outside today... PAIN FREE. I am thinking the ankle is def on the mend. It felt so good to run outside. It has been 3 weeks. YAY!!!!!!!!
I am rocking my HBBC points. There are several others with much higher points then me, but I am very happy with where I am.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

well maybe not.....

I really thought after my Saturday run of 2 miles pain free, I was on the mend. Nope. I tried running again Monday.. pain... the warm up for boot camp this morning... pain.... however, no pain the rest of class, so I jumped on the treadmill after class and ran 3 miles. I really could have gone longer but my 2 hours were up with child watch. So, maybe this is a weird injury that is A.O.K with a decent warm up. What do you all think? Should I continue to do this, or still go in and have it checked out? I just hate going to the doc.

I found this funny comic... enjoy.


*Oh ya... I am on day 2 of Amanda's HBBC... I am at 10 points... will be 13 if I decide to go to spin tonight. YAY!!!! The one I will struggle with is the 7 F/V a day... pretty sure I will never get that point per day. yikes.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

can I get a WOOT WOOT........

I have been sick all week and have struggled with any kind of workouts. Finally this morning I decided to toughen up and go to Boot camp at the Y. Loved it. Love the new trainer... he is some yummy eye candy. After class my friend was going to run for a bit on the treadmill. I decided to test the ankle and see how it was feeling. Guess what? I ran 2 miles.... PAIN FREE.... I am soooooooooooooooo happy. I had to force myself to stop at 2. I didn't want to over do it and make the pain come back, or make it worse.

I am grateful for 2 miles of pain free running,. WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HBBC and my ankle...............

Run to the Finish is hosting her annual Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. If you are interested in getting on board, click here to read the rules. Be sure to let her know I sent you her way... you know, so I can get some extra points... tee hee.
Starts Nov 23rd and end Jan 8Th....
My Fit by Fall challenge ends Nov 23rd and so this will be perfect for me. I really don't care if I LOSE weight over the holidays, I just don't want to GAIN. So this is definitely the challenge for me.

My ankle is still having issues. It is right on top, where the ankle bends, but radiates down the ankle bone as well. Yesterday, I couldn't even run 2 blocks. It has definitely turned into a pain, where at first it felt more like something was tight and needed to pop. I hope it is just a small over usage injury and with some time off running, icing, ibuprofen and maybe some soaking time in Epsom salt, it will be better in a week or two at most. I want to run my next marathon in Feb and need the training to not fall to far behind.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grateful post

I have been posting on my family blog daily about different things I am grateful for. So when Kristen reminded me in a comment on my last post about finding things to be grateful for and that should help pull me from my funk.... I decided I had better share with you some of the things I am most grateful for. BTW- sorry about the last post being so down... ugh. And as Tall Mom says... these are things in my life that fill my Pie.

I am of course most grateful for my husband and my two gorgeous little girls. They make me feel complete and whole.

I am also very grateful for my parents who raised me to know right from wrong. I have 8 living siblings and they are all wonderful people who love me. My twin sister is of course my other half.... for real. I know most people use this term for their spouse... not me. Frances is my other half and I love and miss her daily.

I am grateful for my girlfriends who picked me to be their friend, and don't give up on me when times get crazy. I miss my Utah girls so much, it hurts everyday. They are such amazing women.I am grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have not always been the most faithful member, but I know the church is true and it helps me to be a better wife/mother/women and friend.

I am grateful for diet coke, flip flops and chocolate.

I am EXTREMELY grateful for a healthy body that allows me to run the miles I endure weekly. I am grateful it has carried me through thousands of miles in training and races. I am so grateful to have the strength to run 26.2 miles and to work out as much as I do.
I am grateful for the ability to breath on my own, walk, RUN, bend, play with my children, hear, see and feel.

I am grateful to have been born in this Country. I am very proud to be an American.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

a very sad and depressing 100th post

How sad that this is my 100Th post on this blog, and it is all going to sound very down and boring.
*I do not have another marathon planned till Feb.
* Feeling pain in my left ankle/foot while out running yesterday.
*Not going home for the Holidays is making me very sad. Didn't think it would bother me much, but as we get closer to Thanksgiving and our families are finalizing plans, it makes me have a bit of anxiety that we are staying here.
*I have a nasty cold and it is kicking my trash. I just want to cut my head off.
* The 4 yr old needs to have about 8-9 teeth fixed. They are so severe, they feel the best option is to use general anesthesia in the OR at the Hospital. UGH.... $$$$$$
*The hubby is finally finished with budget season, and now he is spending his time hunting, so still no hubby to speak of. (although he just killed his first white tail buck, we have mule deer in Utah)
* I haven't lost any weight in about a week a half... pisses me off... gotta make some changes.

So how is that for sad and depressing???? Happy 100Th post to me.

Monday, November 9, 2009

you snooze, you lose.............

Dear fellow runners:
I would like to advise you of something NOT to do in the bloggy/running world.
From my experience, I would suggest, you DON'T blog about your next race/marathon until after you have actually registered for the race/marathon and are an official contestant of that race/marathon. Other wise, if you do not follow my advice, you might find that after your blog post about your upcoming marathon, many friendly and kind comments were left on your behalf. You know.... like, "Good luck" "Wow, your 12Th marathon, amazing" things of this nature. All though the wonderful comments will make you feel like super women at the time, you will find how embarrassed you will feel, when you finally go to register for said race/marathon, and find the race is closed. So please my dear readers/running friends/bloggy Buddies......... take my advice, and register for the race before you inform the WWW, that you will be running X race, and hope for X time. You will save yourself some pouting time, and some serious embarrassment.

***if you have not caught on.... Janice here, blogged about my next race, and then finally after a week and a half, decided to actually register, and found it to be closed. Dang. Dang. Dang!
So whats next you ask?!?! I have no freaking idea. Stay tuned, and when she figures it out, she will blog about it. But not till after she registers..............

Monday, November 2, 2009

I am a winner..... and a witch vs Cinderella

I love Halloween. I love to dress up and I love the spirit of ghost and goblins. I love watching the kids get excited about what they will dress up as. I love hearing them giggle each time a silly, cute or scary costume walks by. I myself, am not creative, nor do I sew or make anything. I always buy from the store... not so much fun, but next year I promised my kids we would come up with some contest winning costumes. My two girls are night and day different from one another. 8 yr old is very timid and suffers from some serious social anxiety. She wanted to be a CUTE witch, she wouldn't even wear the black wig. 4 yr old is polar opposite. She is loud, silly, wants all the attention and cracks me up daily. I love my little ladies so much and they bring so much joy and happiness to my life. Lately I have felt like a single mother. My hubby is the CFO at the hospital and it is budget season. So for about 2 months he has been working more and more. The last two weeks he has worked 14 hr days. So for Halloween we were able to spend a little quality time with our favorite man/daddy. Thank Goodness the finale budget meeting is Wed.

Guess what???? I did NOT eat one piece of candy... Not one... Candy Smackdown... and I was rewarded with 1 1/2 pounds lost.

Wow... I am still in shock. I won Tall Mom's giveaway and received this most fabulous jacket. I wonder what I will be wearing (and taking all kinds of pics for Tall Mom) on Dec 12Th at my next marathon in Huntsville AL. I definitely think I need the Capri's, or the Skort to finish the outfit.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my next poison

On my post about "Post race blues" I had mentioned maybe running the Rocket City marathon in Huntsville AL, on Dec 12Th. My sister in law (who lives 1500 miles away) commented and informed me, her BFF moved to Huntsville a year ago. She also mentioned if I decided to run this marathon and not Atlanta, then she would fly out for a quickie visit, and come down to the marathon to cheer me on... or to visit her friend.. what ever :)
So this is my next marathon. Rocket City marathon, in Huntsville AL, on Dec 12Th. This will be marathon #6 for the year and #12 total. Nothing like those marathon maniacs out there. But, if you know me at all, if I had the time, kids were bigger and had the money, I would be a marathon maniac as well. A marathon every month sounds like so much fun to me.

Don't forget to check out Tall mom's giveaway. This is what she is giving away. Click here to view more great Brooks for her goodies.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tall moms giveaway and my next poison....

If you have not yet read or found Tall Mom's blog.... now is the time. She is a fantastic blogger and she is so much fun to FOLLOW. She is hosting the BEST giveaway yet. Brooks for her is donating this super cute jacket to be given away by Tall Mom. Check it out, offer ends Sunday.

Stay tuned for which marathon I have picked.... and why. I know you are all on pins and needles. :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Post race blues..........

I ran my first recovery run yesterday. The quads were still screaming at me, but I knew I needed to get off my rump and get moving. 1 1/2 days of vegging and watching TV was enough. Just walking down the stairs was still killer for me. I knew it was going to be a very slow, easy run, so I didn't take MR Garmin or the iPod. Not sure how fast/slow I was, but it definetly was slow, not fast. It felt good to get the first recovery run (3 miles) over with.

Today I ran 4 miles at a much faster, yet still recovery pace. I took the iPod, not Mr Garmin. Legs are much better, but looking forward to Yoga class and a nice easy 3 miler again tomorrow. I am still in weight loss mode and so not pushing my workouts, is pretty frustrating. I know the recovery process is important, so I am trying to be patient.

Does anyone else get the post race blues??? I do, and I am trying to pull myself out of it by finding my next marathon....
I think I have my next marathon down to two choices.
Choice A.... Atlanta, Ga Marathon on Nov 26Th... Thanksgiving. How fun. We are NOT going home to Utah for the Holiday, so how fun to run a FULL marathon instead. Depends on what the hubby thinks would be fun, it's his holiday break as well.
Choice B.... Rocket city marathon in Huntsville AL, on Dec 12Th. This race looks fun, and sounds like an easy BQ. We shall see.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Louisville marathon race report

This is the Louisville Water Tower. The race started and finished here.
Just a few feet from the finish line.
A few feet closer to the finish line.
Yucky me.... the medal we received was so not worth showing... cheap little medals for cheap little races.
I can't help but think of how stinky I was, every time I look at this pic. :)
We ate out on Saturday at P.F. Changs and my fortune said "The beginning is always the hardest" I would have to say, this was definitely the case in the race for me. Not hard as in hilly, but we were sent to run on an ever so small bike path. Just feet after the race started, I knew I needed to stop and pee. The port-a-john was right there and empty, so I stopped for a quick pee. Happy I did, I had to go bad. So once I came out and joined the crowd, and then hit the bike path, it was so frustrating. The path was so skinny, and the pack was not moving as quickly as I wanted to be moving. I ran on frosted grass a lot, and even twisted my ankle once. UGH... At mile 1.5 it opened up to the road. Pheww*
I was just running to run, I was feeling good. Came to mile 6ish and had a water stop. I walked through and took my first Roctane. Mile 8 it thinned out and the halfers turned around. It felt good to be a part of the few to continue forward along the boardwalk/path aside the river. It was so nice to have it thin out and quiet down. I love that feeling. The course soon turned into a covered bike/walking path. The trees were gorgeous, it was a little muddy at spots and we had to jump a puddle or two. I took another Roctane at mile 13. We looped around a neighborhood and a park, and back to the 13/16 mile marker. I was feeling great. Passing other runners left and right. I was beginning to think I should maybe slow down, to be sure I had some left for the end. I didn't slow down. :) I took another Roctane at mile 17.5, and continued to feel awesome. By mile 20ish, I was wondering if I would be able to keep up my pace. I did. I never really looked at my Garmin for my pace, I just knew I was feeling great and knew my pace was.. a good one. Took my last Roctane at mile 22 and by this point, I was wondering if a BQ was in sight. It was, I just didn't pick it up enough until mile 24, where I called the hubs to let him know I had 2 miles left. I was feeling so good, and couldn't believe at mile 25 my pace was faster then it had been all day. I was pushing so hard the last mile, thinking, just maybe I could BQ. I came in at 3:42:16.... close, but not enough. I am very happy with my time. I went into this race just hoping to come in UNDER 4 hrs. Coming so close to a BQ was a bonus. I have qualified twice in the past and actually ran Boston in '08. I now have a new goal for the next marathon.... I am hoping to run one more marathon before the end of the year. Any ideas which one it should be? I am thinking St Judes Memphis Marathon on Dec 5Th... we shall see.
Chip time: 3:42:16
Gun time: 3:43:19
1st in my age group (30-34) {only 9 of us}
76Th overall out of 312
I haven't plugged in my Garmin to see my mile break down. Maybe I will do this later today.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Missing my sisters.... and what to wear

*ME* The TWIN* The older SIS*
This picture was taken in Utah this past June. While I was out visiting, 2 of my sisters (I have 6) and I went for a trail run. Talk about fun fun fun...... I miss them so much. The one in the middle is my twin sister, and the one on the far right is 15 months older then us. I {heart} my sisters!

Just thought I would blog real quick. I am feeling antsy and ready. I want to jump in the car right now and drive to the start line and get this party started. I am ReAdY.....

I am trying to decide what to wear. I think for sure I will stick with my fave long shorts, but not sure what to wear on top. The weather reports are saying the clouds should clear, and it should be a high of 54, but I am leery. I think I will start the race with throw away gloves, and a throw away long sleeve top. I am always afraid I wont see my clothes again. I usually stop at the Goodwill and purchase something cheap and then don't need to think twice about losing that top. I will end up either in my "Livestrong" tank top, or just a green short sleeve top. I will see how it looks/feels in the morning.

If you have not yet entered Tall Mom's necklace giveaway... go check it out. She is always hosting the best giveaways, plus I think she wins the award for most colorful blog. She simply rocks.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

T-minus 5 days.....

WOOT WOOT.... 5 days till marathon day.
I am excited for this Marathon:
* because it is my #11.... YAY!
* because it is doubling as our 12 yr anniversary get away
* because I LOVE THE 26.2 distance.. can't get enough.
* I will be kid-less for 2 1/2 days
* the course is a flat and fast out and back (my kind of race)
* I am needing to scratch this itch I have had since my last marathon in June
* I am feeling good and positive about a sub 4 hr.... (I know I have BQ in the past, but after moving and a lot of weight gain (14 lbs down) it has been 1 1/2 yrs since a sub 4 hr)
* I have some new/fun songs for the playlist
Not so excited:
* feeling a slight twinge behind the right knee... yikes
Not sure there will be another post before Sunday, so to all other runners with a big race this weekend..
**Go check out "Will run for Margaritas" she is hosting a Drymax sport sock give away. I need me some of those babies.

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's taper time baby!!!!!

I ran my last long run before the marathon yesterday. I was able to run 22 miles, and it felt AWESOME. I was surprised how good I felt. I really think I could have kept going, but already got a late start, so by the time I finished, it was already 11:30. The marathon is Oct 18Th in Louisville. The hubs and I will also be celebrating our 12Th anniversary that weekend. I know he would rather be hunting (opening day of Muzzle loader is the 17Th) be he is so good to me and knows I am itching to run another marathon. This will make for #11. I am already trying to decide where/when #12 will be.

Congrats to all those who ran/finished the St George Marathon on Sat.

So I got in the pool and swam laps on Friday for the first time in 2 1/2 years. It felt GREAT, and I was able to swim nearly 3/4 of a mile. Can't wait to get back in the water, maybe tomorrow.

My new side challenges for this week on my FBF are #1 Eat at least 3 FRESH fruits and veggies a day. (remember we are required to eat at least 5 f/v a day, but this they need to be fresh, no juice replacements, no applesauce etc etc) not a problem for me.

#2 is to pick my own indulgence and kick it for the week. I have decided to give up chips, and bread. The no bread will be a toughie for me. I know I can do it, it's only 7 days.

Have a great day.

Friday, October 2, 2009

My FIT BY FALL Challenge

Denise over at Running Journal has been hosting a weight loss challenge. We just send her our % each Monday and she posts them on Wednesday. Really no rules, just eat healthy and lose weight. I have a 6% weight loss, and a few of you have asked me what I am doing.
First off.... over the last 1 1/2 years I have gained nearly 20 lbs. (moving,emotions,love food) So to start out, I was really needing to lose a bunch of weight anyways. It's not like most of the other girls, who I am sure are already teeny tiny and don't really need to lose in the first place. I NEED TO LOSE. I run all the time, and I have continued to train for and run marathons, but the weight seemed to sneak on. I was never watching or caring what I ate. I was very relaxed in my workouts, and I just didn't give any of it much thought. The Big move to Ky really messed me up. (emotional eater)
So about the time Denise started her challenge, my cousin offered up a challenge called......
There are 4 teams of 11.

Each person is responsible to get as many daily and weekly points as they can. Every Monday we turn in our points to Becky and as a team you accrue your team"s points. The 3 teams that DO NOT win for the WEEK, all (members) put in $5 to the pot. At the end of the 16 weeks (Nov 23rd)
the team with the highest grand total, wins the pot.
Here is the point break down:

Daily pts:

Exercise 6 days a week for 5 pts a day:

Drink at least 48 oz of water a day for 2 pts:

No eating after 9 Pm for 1 pt:

No sugar treats for 5 pts a day:
5 fruits/veggies a day for 2 pts a day:


lose 1 lb= 10pts.... has to be a whole lb


Measure hips and waist for 5 pts for half an inch or 10 points for a whole inch.

We also do different weekly side challenges like: No soda (14 pts) extra cardio (15pts) journaling (14pts) Fresh F/V (7) these points are all extra, on top of our daily normal points.

So my dear fellow running buddies... this is how I have lost 6% of my body weight in 2 months. YAY for me!

I will be starting up this same challenge in Jan, and it will be called Slim by Spring. Again it will be a 16 week challenge. If any of you will be interested then, let me know. I am on Facebook (I have my profile on this pages side bar) and that is how I keep in touch with most of my friends doing this challenge right now, seems to be easiest this way. It is so much fun and if you are competitive, this is right up your ally. I love having a team to chat with (on our FB group page) about my weaknesses and strengths. It helps me stay motivated, knowing I have an entire team depending on what kind of points I will accrue.

Facebook me, and we can start a list for the January (Slim by Spring) if you are interested. :)

Have a great day.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This and That

I ran an awesome 10 miler this morning. It felt so good outside. *52 when I left the house. I wore a long sleeve top.... YAY! I love that. I love the smell of Fall. I love the way the crisp, cool air feels on my skin. I love the colors, and I LOVE the Holidays. Halloween and Thanksgiving are for sure my favorites.

My little Morgan will be 4 on Saturday. When did this happen? Geesh. She acts more like she is turning 16. I just adore my girls. They are both very different in personality and look. They bring me so much Joy.

My mother and father in law are here for a little visit from Utah. My girls couldn't sleep last night, knowing Grandma and Grandpa were on their way. They were also up at the butt crack of dawn with more excitement then I've seen in a while. :)

My hubby is so busy with work right now. He is the CFO at the hospital here in town, and the poor economy is affecting them big time. It is budget season and things are just not looking bright for them. He is always stressed and rarely wants to go out and do anything, he is always bringing home work and has his nose in his computer. I feel terrible for him. It is also hunting season and he is not getting much time, if any, to get out and do what he enjoys the most.

Miles for September: 139

My Marathon is in 2 1/2 weeks. I am running my last Loooong run Sunday morning. Crossing my fingers for 22.....

Good luck to all my peeps who are running the St George Marathon on Sat. I am so jealous. This is by far, my favorite marathon. To bad I live 2000 miles away. Maybe next year.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why do Perverts have to ruin a good run?

So what is up with all the PERVERTS out there that have to ruin a good run for us women runners?!?! UGH.....

Today while running, I left from the Y and head up main street... literally 100 feet from the Y is a Family Dollar. As I was running past I saw a dirty old man standing against the pillar playing with his cell phone. I was minding my own business and just slightly glanced over at him while I ran past. OMG.... can you believe he had his fly gaping open and wearing nothing under his pants, and his MR was hanging out. YES, folks... his MR was hanging out. I didn't say anything (of course) just kept running... FAST. Of course the rest of my run I couldn't stop thinking about how disgusting it was. I am sure this is what he wanted... Me, thinking about his MR. I wasn't really thinking about his MR... I was thinking about how RUDE, CRUDE, and WRONG it is for someone to be like that. The problem is... this is not the first time this has happened to me. About 8 yrs ago I was out running and caught a SICK-O PERVERT masturbating.... I know, right? I have crappy luck.

Anyways, what if I had been walking into the store with my daughters? I mean come on... I seriously wanted to call the cops, but #1 No Cell phone #2 didn't want to deal with any of the drama #3 I didn't have time to stop my run. I am so mad. Why do these sick-o perverts have to ruin our joy of running?

* Yes, I realize my last post was a video of Nike's Naked Running Camp.... oops.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cemetery running?!?!

So this is what my week is looking like so far:
Monday: 7 miles tempo
Tuesday: Boot Camp at the Y
Wednesday: 45 min Spinning, 6 miles and 15 min on the rowing machine
Thursday: 75 min of Yoga, 4 or 5 miles running, maybe the rowing machine
Friday: 30 min weights upper body, rowing machine, maybe 30 min Elliptical or rest day
Saturday: 20 mile long run
Sunday: rest or 3-4 mile recovery

I want to run everyday, and when I run, I want to run far and as hard as I can. I just love running, there is nothing else like it. I am a running FREAK!
I also really enjoy some extra workouts the Y offers, and I love doing the workouts and gabbing with friends. (since I always run alone) I am just tired. I have cut out the Diet Soda.. I am not a coffee drinker and I am just feeling tired. I know I need more vitamin C, so I am eating more oranges and I actually really enjoy a boiled egg at each snack. YUMMY- Seems to help.

I am not a big morning person. I don't enjoy being up before the sun, and so sometimes it is torture for me to get my long runs in on Sat before the heat hits. (nice the weather is cooling down) During the week I head to the Y and drop of my 4 yr old at the child watch and do my running and other classes. When I run from the Y, I have certain loops, or out and back routes that I enjoy. Sometimes I will be about .5 mile the Y and still feeling great so I will run into the cemetery and do one loop to add an extra mile. I love this loop. It is quiet, peaceful, it smells good, you know, like fresh flowers and trees. I had heard of people running in the cemetery before and always thought is was so weird. I am sorry to you all. I am now a Cemetery runner. I love seeing the older ladies that walk the cemetery and they always have a huge smile and wave for me. Do any of you run through your local cemetery? or do you think I am crazy?

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Musings during my 8 miler

And were off.....

OK, I love the Dixie Chicks, but do I really want to run to their music?

That's much better....

I hope Mr Big Black Barking dog is not out today....

Phew, he must be sleeping still.....

I love me a good uphill.....

I think it might rain.....

It's super humid, but not to hot this morning.....

Oh, how cute are those old men Golfing?

Today is weigh in day, I wonder how much I lost.....

Sure hope everyone turns their points in on time today.....

I can't believe I am going to attempt the NO SODA for a week....

I know I can...

I know I can.....

Geesh, car... didn't you see me? Get out of my way....err...

Dead Frog... scared the $%^& out of me.....

Don't look at me you dirty old man.....

I am really sweating a lot today..... YUCK.

I miss my family and friends in Utah.....

It's sure pretty here in Ky though.....

Hello Horse........

Dog..... phew, behind the fence.

***10 min after my return to home........
I sure am Happy I got my 8 miles in before the HUGE-O THUNDERSTORM hit.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

my 20 miler 1500 miles away from home.

My sister in law took these pictures at the cemetery. This is me and my oldest daughter.
My husbands Grandma passed away on the 25Th of Aug. We packed up and left for Utah and drove the entire 24 hrs. The kiddos did great, better then my hubby. We spent a week with family and friends and we really enjoyed our time in Utah. Grandma was diagnosed with Cushings disease about 2 months ago and she eventually couldn't fight it any longer. She was only 71. We miss her dearly and our hearts are full with the knowledge that she is in Heaven with her Heavenly Father and her two children that went before her. We love you Grandma...I sure love my man.

Well I was able to get in my 20 miler on Sunday while in Utah. I had severe hip and knee pain most of the run and the last 5 miles were pure HELL. I finished and then ended up in bed or on the toilet for half the day. But... yippee I got it done, for a total of 141 miles in August.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Well look at that......

.....100 miles for the month of Aug and it is only the 22ND. Yowzer.....

I set my alarm for 6:30 and hit snooze once. Got up, dressed, ate and out the door by 7:00 am. I was planning on 14 miles but felt really good so squeezed in another mile. When I left the house it was 57* out and it sure felt nice. It was the perfect morning for a long run. There was a little fog out and around the trees and the farms. It was so pretty. I knew from the sec I walked out the door, it was going to be a good one, and it was.

15 miles......2:14

I keep going back and forth about which marathon to run. I am going to aim for the Air Force marathon which is in Dayton, Oh on Sept 19Th. It looks and sounds like a fun one.

Friday, August 21, 2009

what's one more challenge?!?!

So I am now in 3 weight loss challenges. I am hoping this will keep me motivated each day to be more accountable. The first 2 challenges are with friends and family, and I am almost finished with my 3rd week. I have been losing 2lbs a week, and I hope to continue this until I have dropped 15 more lbs.

The third challenge is being hosted by Denise at "Running Journal". Really the only rules are to eat healthy, lose weight, weigh in on Tuesdays and report our % lost to Denise, and then she reports every ones % lost on Wed. This Challenge is going until Oct 27Th.

I am so excited to make some (hopefully) permanent healthy habits through out these next few months. My weight is always roller coastering (even with all my running, I love to eat) and I hope I can get back to my goal weight and maintain.

P.S. My good Friend Wendy is going to work with me on my swimming. There is a tri next June she wants me to do with her and two of our other friends. So in the next month, I will be adding swimming to my workout routine.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gotta hurry, offer ends tomorrow

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

aWeSoMeLy wOnDeRfuL!!!!!!

What is it about running in the rain that makes you feel so ALIVE?
I think it could be the thought of something new.
It could be the splashing you make as you run through a puddle. I sure feel like a kid when I do this.
It might be the cool rain, splashing on my face.Even though it gets in my eyes. (I still need to find me some sunglasses)
Maybe it is the look on peoples faces as they pass you while driving in their warm, dry vehicles. You know the look.... "is she crazy, or what has she been smoking" look.
Today, for me, it was the passing cars that seemed to splash me with puddle water. Like I wasn't wet enough.
Ran 7 miles this morning. It felt aWeSoMeLy wOnDeRfUl!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hiddy hoe runner friends......

Well... life in this part of my world is going GREAT. I have been running more then I have in MONTHS. I mean, I am running everyday except Sunday's. I usually only go about 4-5 days, but for some reason (maybe it's this darn challenge I am in) I feel the need to log mile after mile. The awesome thing is, I feel GREAT. I have been loving this weather. It is usually about 80 degrees out when I start my runs, but I am OK with that. I just can't seem to get enough of the pushing/heat/tough/runs and today... I love my life.
Has anyone run the Milwaukee marathon? It is this Oct, and I am thinking this may be the one. My cousin lives 15 min outside of Milwaukee and it would double in a visit/marathon weekend.
Down another pound since my last post. YAY me! love this challenge and how it is making me more accountable for what I eat. I am almost off the Diet Soda...... Go team Janice.

Monday, August 10, 2009


FYI.... I think Mr Garmin is back up and running. Thanks to all who shared advice and tips. I will take it for a run tomorrow and double check.... but, I think we are in business.

Side note-
This little challenge I am a part of.... My team won for the first week. I lost 2 pounds. YAY me. I have been drinking so much water, I know this is partly why my running feels so much smoother and stronger. I have cut my Diet Soda drinking in half. I hope to be off it completely by next Monday.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

a great 10 miler... and my new challenge

I ran a great 10 miler. Well, I am pretty sure it was 10 miles. Mr Garmin is down and not working, so I have to guess about how far I have gone. I ran 6.5 and then rounded back to the house and picked up Nellie the dog and took her for 3.5. She was very happy and a good little runner today. She is staying right with me and only pulls me for the first few blocks or so.
NeLlIe HeArTs RuNnInG!
I am putting together a little challenge for some friends and family. (I am copying my cousin in Utah) It is called "Fit by Fall". I have gained a little weight over the summer, because of lack of motivation and just poor eating habits, and I would like to lose about 15 lbs more, I thought this might motivate me to get my butt in gear by Thanksgiving. I actually started this past Monday with another group, but the group I have put together starts on Monday the 10Th. We will go for 15 weeks and which ever team has the most pts at the end of 15 weeks, gets all the money. This is how it works.
We have 4 different teams. (it could be more or less, depending on how many people you have committed) Each team member earns daily pts and then a few weekly pts as well. Which ever team has the most pts at the end of each week will win for that week. This means, that team DOES NOT have to put money in the pot. If your team loses, then each team member on your team puts $5 in the pot for that week. At the end of 15 weeks, if your team has the most pts, your team splits the money.
This is how you earn pts or loose pts.
Daily pts:
5 fruits/Veg: 2pts
No eating after 9 Pm: 1 pt
48 oz of water: 2pts
No sweets: 5pts
if you ate only ONE treat: 2pts
min of 30 min exercise a day, 6 days a week: 5 pts
Weekly pts:
Pounds lost: 10 pts per pound
Maintain: 5 pts
Gain pound: -10 pts per pound
Monthly pts:
Inches lost/month: 5 pts per inch lost around hips and waist.
So far it has been a fun way to be sure I am eating enough fruits and Veg and drinking enough water. The first couple of days, I struggled with not pulling out a snack after the kids went to bed, but I have followed through for my team, and I hope when I weigh on Monday, I can add even more pts with a weight lose.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Running Sunglasses & my Forerunner 305....

I went to the eye doctor today with my 8 year old. Turns out she does need glasses. She struggled all last year with being able to read the board very clearly. I fianlly got her in and sure enough.... glasses. She is such a cutie. She picked out some, you guessed it... Hannah Montana glasses. She is so beautiful, even with these extra eyes. :0
However, today's visit opened my eyes to something I have never invested in.
Running Sunglasses!
The doctor informed me, she noticed I am beginning to show signs of sun damage to my eyes. WHAT THE H?!?!
I am only 32.... I wear sunglasses when I drive and play out with the kids, most of the time. I am thinking (and the doc agreed) All these years of running in the sun, is finally starting to catch up with me. So now, I need to find a good pair of running sunglasses. Sad thing is, this summer I noticed my first sun spots on my face as well. UGH...
anyways.... hook me up. What kind of sunglasses do you wear? where to buy? what to look for? help me out people.

On another note.
My Forerunner 305 is pooping out on me. I charged it the other night, ran 4 miles, then the next time I used it, it died on me. I plugged it back in, and now it wont turn on. Have any of you had something like this happen with your Forerunner? If so.... what are my options? Can't buy a new one right now. My trusty old friend is over 2 years old now. I love him and I am really missing him. One other thing about my watch. I have been picking it up on and off all day, just checking on it. Every time I do, Nellie the dog, will bark at me thinking I am going for a run. I can't trick her anymore. She can smell my running clothes the sec they come out of my drawer and she knows when I have been leaving her behind. I just don't want to take her everyday. I feel 2-3 times a week is enough for her. She believes otherwise.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Go to a late showing of the movie "Orphan" and drink a huge Diet Coke.

You just might not.....
* be able to fall asleep because you think each shape in the darkness is that scary little b^@#!....

* be able to close your eyes without seeing her scary nasty face and teeth from the end of the show.....
* be able to stop thinking about that poor family and the horrible things they went through....
* be able to wake up to your alarm for your early morning run, and then you would have to run in the heat and humidity and have to cut your miles, because you were just to tired.

Never do that.......

BTW..... the movie "The Ugly Truth" is HiLaRiOuS.....

Ok... Mel from "Tall mom on the run" is hosting another great giveaway.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life is like running a marathon.....

...and I love how this fellow runner filmed her journey as she ran the Boston Marathon. She relates running a marathon to our journey here on Earth. I hope you all enjoy..... I know I got something out of it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

new shoes and "The Ugly Truth"

I am walking out the door to buy these babies....

I love them. I fell in love with the Kayano 15 back in Feb when I purchased my first pair. I ran 3 marathons in them, and my feet are ready for a new pair. I was just thrilled to find they have them in Pink. (tis my favorite color)
I am hoping, with the purchase of some very cute, comfy, much needed shoes, I will get remotivated. Since my return from Utah, I have had a hard time finding the drive to get back into training mode. I have decided to run the Louisville Marathon on Oct 18Th. It's only an hour away and it's also my 12Th wedding anniversary, so the hubs and I thought we would make a weekend of it.

I went camping last night with some ladies from Church. We didn't go to bed until 5am and then we were woken to thunder at 6:30..... so I am a bit tired today, but the hubby and I are dating tonight aways. We will be hitting the running store and then dinner somewhere Yumilicious, and then to see the new flick "The Ugly Truth". I am super excited for this movie and I am hoping I will be able to stay awake... oh yes, Gerard Butler is the star.... I think I will be WIDE awake. ;)
I just hope I can wake up for my 7 am run.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I really am alive......

WOW! It's been nearly a month since my last post.

We enjoyed the rest of our visit in Utah, and it was sad and hard to come home, but it was nice to be with the hubby and to sleep in my own bed. I haven't been running a whole lot since the marathon, and it's been nice to not think about it, or to even feel guilty about not running. I am starting up again, now that we have adjusted to being back home. Trying to decide which marathon will be my next.
Sept is the Air Force marathon in Dayton, Oh.
Oct is the Louisville marathon.
Dec is the St Jude marathon in Memphis.
I really want to do all three, but I am thinking I should only pick one or two. (money) I will be deciding here in the next week or so.
This is the only pic I have from the Bear Lake Marathon. The second pictures was the best shot I got of the lake. I told you all I would post a picture of it when I got home. Not the best shot, but it will do. It is gorgeous there. Crystal clear water for miles, and we ran around it.
{ Frances ran the 1/2, Me, I ran the Full, Jenny ran the 1/2, and Brian also ran the 1/2}

My birthday was Yesterday. {32} and this is what the hubby got me. First time he has ever bought me jewelry. I think he did a great job, simple, yet pretty.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bear Lake marathon report

Well vacation is fun and we are staying very busy with friends and family. I love being back in Utah. I miss these mountains so much. The beauty here is breath taking. Isn't it funny that it takes moving away to really appreciate it?

Even though Bear Lake is in Utah (well part of it is in Idaho) I had never been there before this race. It is the most beautiful lake I have ever seen. It is a huge, crystal clear lake that is encircled with mountains. When you drive in from the canyon and you drop down into the valley, and you look down over the lake, you are just almost speechless. I do have pictures but.... I didn't bring my camera cord. Seriously, this is the most beautiful course I have run. For the first 20 miles the lake was just to my right about 100 yards. It was cloudy and rainy for the first half of the morning, But cleared up a bit as the morning went on. The first 13 miles had a few rolling hills, which didn't bother me in the least bit, because of where I live.... rolling hills central. There were only 90 runners that started/finished the full marathon. My time was 4:11, I think I finished 29Th overall and I think I was 5Th in my age group.. not sure. The half marathon was bigger with about 2-3 hundred runners. My twin sister, our older sister and her husband all ran the half and they loved it as well. This was Jenny's first half and I am so proud of her for finishing so strong. Frances and Jenny had an awesome time of 2:09 and Brian finished first in his age group with a time of 1:46. This race is a must do. I am pretty sure if I happen to be in Utah again during this race next summer, I will be running this one again.

Monday, June 8, 2009

3 week vacation and my #10.....

Well I leave for my 3 week vacation tomorrow. I am super excited, but not as excited as my girls. The hubby is not coming with us this time. This means he will be alone for Fathers day. Does he care? Nope, it just means guilt free golfing. I am running my 10Th marathon while in Utah. It is the Bear Lake marathon and it just happens to be this Saturday. Two of my sisters and my brother in law are running the half, I will be making the full 26.2 alone, well, with out family. I will try to get on next week and post pictures from the race and let you know all about my #10. Cause I know you will all be waiting on pins and needles... ha haThis picture is from the Legends (Lexington Minor league team) game we went to on Saturday. The flash was not working great and it's blurry. My hubby works for the hospital here in our little town and they bought tickets for all employees and their families. My girls had a great time. I was surprised they enjoyed it so much.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

National Running day for everyone.......

I guess today is National running day. I had to make sure I was full filling my duty as a runner by strapping on my running shoes and hitting the wet roads. We have had thunder storms all last night and this morning, and I am not one to run while there is lighting in the distance. But at lunch when my hubby got home, it was only raining, no thunder, so I decided to hit the road for a speedy 5 miler. It doesn't matter if it is 6am or 6 pm, Nellie is always very upset with me if I don't take her. I really didn't want to take her in the rain today, but by the time I got home, my husband said Nellie had just about lost her mind with frustration because she too, wanted to hit the wet roads on National Running day. So this is a little video of me inviting her to go for a run, after I had already run my very wet 5. So please forgive my look, this time it's not just sweat.

Friday, May 29, 2009

another use for the GPS....

I wouldn't say we have a huge yard. But it sure seems like it takes my hubby F-O-R-E-V-E-R to mow the lawn. So I got this brilliant idea that he should wear my GPS and see just how far he walks when he mows. He mowed last night. First you should know that my hubby mows it twice. First one direction then the other. He is a little obsessed with having the grass look perfect. In fact, we have True Green the lawn company come and spray (fertilizer or something) about 7-8 times a year to keep it just right. Well, last week they came and sprayed ours and the next door neighbors. Well, they mixed it to hot or something because it killed our grass. Now, you should also know that it is not completely brown, in fact it is still pretty green, but the hubby is not so happy with what has happened and neither are the neighbors. Greg is calling today to find out what kind of a plan they have in the works to fix their mistake.
he mowed last night and after mowing two directions... front and back. He walked a grand total of 2.2 miles. I wasn't real surprised. I thought that going over the lawn once would be about a mile. Greg wanted/thought it would be a lot further then that.

Well I ran my 20 mile run last Saturday, and it was awesome. I felt so dag gum good. I really think that if it hadn't been in the 80's by the time I finished up my 20 ,that I could have and would have been able to go a full 26.2. That is how good I felt. I always find it so strange how one week you have an amazing run and then the next week you can suck rocks. Let's hope that tomorrows 13-15 miles is another great run and not a rock sucker.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

happy long weekend every one.

Well my 18 miler last week turned into a 13 miler. I totally hit the wall. I wanted to die. It was a really tough run for me. The only thing I can think of is that the P90X and the eating schedule messed me up. So this week I have changed a few things and I am hoping my 20 miler will be much better. Last Saturday was super humid too, and I was drenched in sweat by mile 3. I hope this Saturday isn't so bad. I will have to leave much earlier and get it done... and then.... I can play and relax for the long holiday weekend. We are taking our kids to see the new "Night at the Museum" movie, and maybe for a family outing at the golf course.

Have a fun and safe weekend!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

MIA.... and p90x

Yes, I have been missing in action the last couple of weeks. I guess I can't call it action, because I haven't been doing anything. I haven't spent much time on the computer and I have alot of reading of other blogs to catch up on. I have checked email and checked my facebook but as far as blogs go.... nada. I finally posted on my family blog and thought I would let you all know about the new challenge I have committed to.

P90X baby!

My husband and I started Monday morning and these workouts are definitely not for a beginner, and that is just what my hubby is right now. He has not exercises since November and he is struggling with the workouts. Who am I kidding, I am too. They are tough but I am determined to get through the 90 day program and have lost 15 pounds and toned up a alot. We are following their eating schedule and it isn't bad, their recipes are yummy and I have not felt hungry once. But..... when I run (which is extra for this program, but I have another marathon June 13Th) I feel totally famished. I just don't have the energy I need to get through my runs like I want. I have 18 miles tomorrow and I have adjusted my eating a little yesterday and today to help me get through the miles.

Also.... I have booked my tickets for my two girls and I to fly to Utah for most of June, and I am SO SUPER excited. This week has been the week for Season finales of lots of shows I watch and I am so happy I have my trip to look forward to. Don't hate me cause I am a TV watcher.. I don't have much of a life since moving to Ky...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flying Pig race report

My feet just after the race... oh man do they hate me today.
Me and my medal.... the bottom picture is of me with the Reds stadium behind me. My hubby thought I needed a shot like that.

Good things about this race....

* I was able to start with a friend and her husband. They ran the half, but we walked to the start together.
*Water stations at every mile.
*Lots of people wearing pig hats with wings, or dressed in lots of pink. Saw alot of spectators dressed in Pig outfits, it was fun.
*My hubby and girls were both going to be at the finish line.
*We ran across two different bridges that went over the Ohio River. The feeling while running over the bridge is so strange, I felt dizzy.
*The temp was at least 20 degrees cooler then last week at the Kentucky Derby Marathon. (it was perfect)
*Cincinnati is an awesome city. There were so many people out cheering on the streets, I mean alot, the support there is amazing.

Bad things or thing I would have changed....

*it was raining at the start and rained till about mile 6 or 7, so we were pretty wet from the beginning.
*I thought it was only going to be hilly till mile 8.. nope... after we turned of from the halfers, we still had plenty of hills. I am so sick of running hills... UGH
*I wont ever run marathons on back to back weekends.... especially while being sick (yep still sick) It killed me, and now my toes are even more hammered.
*when I stopped to pee at mile 16, I found the my "aunt flow" came to visit.... I had nothing and didn't think to ask for one at the aid station, so yep... by the time I finished.... down my legs. Nice.....and disgusting.
This really was a great race. I liked everything about it. I think if I hadn't just run a marathon 8 days ago and if I wasn't still so sick -*cough* sniff*Cough*- then I think the hills wouldn't have bothered me so much. I would recommend this marathon.
So get this.. I really really wanted to beat my time from last week, and I thought I would. Well I didn't... but.... my GPS time is exactly the same (to the sec) as my time last week. Crazy....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flying Pig Marathon

My sister has been here all week, and we have been hanging out and catching up, so I have been a little distant from the blogging world. I plan to catch up tomorrow after she leaves. But I wanted to tell you all something crazy.... I am planning on running the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati on Sunday. I know I just ran Kentucky derby marathon on Saturday, but I am an addict... hence two marathons 8 days apart. I only live an hour from there, so it makes it hard to not want to run it because of the convenience. So I talked my hubby into making it a little family trip. Cincinnati has a great Aquarium park, so we will take the girls after the race on Sunday. Plus, I told the hubby he could golf Saturday morning if he would let me run on Sunday. We are always making some kind of a deal with each other. I get what I want and he gets what he wants... we are both happy... isn't that all that matters?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kentucky Derby Marathon race report

Forgot to take a picture of me with my medal at the race, with me in my disgusting, stinky clothes.... so this is what you get..... Not even sure where to start......

Out of the 8 marathons I have now run, this was the toughest one. Between the brutal heat, which got up to 85, the hills that I wasn't expecting with wind blowing in our faces, and being sick, I am just happy I crossed the finish line. It may have been 23 minutes slower then I wanted, but it was a finish and I will take it. I am going to spare you the boring details, because I am sure you can guess what kind of a race I had with all of the crap that was thrown at me. I will just share a few statistics.... For the Half marathon (mini) 9397 finished... the full had 1067 runners finish. I finished 386Th overall, 102ND out of the females, and I finished 16Th in my age group.
This picture is of me at mile 22..... This is right before we went over the 3rd street bridge, when we came back over we were almost at mile 25, which is where I stopped to pose for a photo with my two cute little girlie's. The 3rd Picture is of my nasty toe. I can't figure out why, but my right foot gets the brunt of the pounding. I lost the three middle toe nails on that foot from my marathon in Feb and so what you see painted pink, is just the hard stuff under. The middle toe took the pounding yesterday.... Ouch.......
The last picture is from my hotel room window. That is the 3rd street bridge, which we ran on... it was super windy running across this baby. If you look close you can still see people running when I took this picture.

I of course forgot to put sunscreen on, so I am toasted. I am a little sore today, but not bad at all. I think that is because I walked so much. The last 6 miles were hell, and everyone was walking more then once a mile. I drank so much water and Gatorade. I wanted to be sure I stayed hydrated, and I did. By mile 20 I had to pee again, so I knew I was staying hydrated. I heard siren after siren after siren and I knew it was other runners that couldn't make it to the finish line, and I was determined to cross the finish line and still be standing. I was, and my chip was 4:23:30..... A little slower then I wanted, but I will take it.