Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Winner... and a couple of surprises.....

First of all, I want to thank those of you who posted such kind words on my last post. It's always been really difficult for me to express my inner most feelings and thoughts on my blogs. Nice to know I am not the only one with swirling thoughts. ;)

Ok.... So I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats waiting for me to post the winner of the most awesomeness giveaway.... (I used random.org to generate the winning number)

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So for the first surprise..... drum roll please...... I am giving away one more headband to one other lucky winner. I had random.org generate 2 numbers and the winner of the other headband is....
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Swirling thoughts

So many thoughts are swirling through my head these days, and I'm not sure that is such a good thing.

I can't believe I am about to admit this on my running blog for all of the world to read... but it plays into what I want to type about... I know you all will be SOCKED to hear that I see a councilor. I know... you're shocked. You probably thought I had it all together and had no worries or issues in my life to drag me into "blues land". Well, I have lots of thoughts that just swirl in my head and talking to a professional has helped me work through these wild and crazy thoughts and low self image views I have of myself.We have decided that one of my very deepest root issues is perfection. Now, let me just tell you... I am not perfect at anything. The problem is that I try to do something to the point of perfection, and since no one is perfect, and I can't seem to get there either, I give up and beat myself up about not being good enough....blah blah blah and the cycle goes on and on. With the exception of RUNNING.... sigh....

I was talking to my husband yesterday about how I have been so disappointed in most of my races this year. Don't get me wrong, I am very proud to have crossed the finish line, and to even get to the start line. (I am most proud of my 50 mile Ultra marathon. What a great day that was.) I feel so disappointed and unsatisfied because I guess in the back of my mind each race needs to be run fast- or without any hiccups- or problems. I have been running long enough that I realize running is one of those hobbies we all enjoy that is NOT perfect. We can't always be on or in tune every run. We will most definitely have good and bad days. I think this is what creates the addiction in us. We keep trying to master the sport, when in reality... it doesn't need to be mastered... or solved. What matters is that we continue to enjoy our time out on the road/trail, and learn something new about ourselves in the process.

So after running a marathon, is it wrong of me to feel unworthy of the entire process I just completed? Is it selfish and hot headed of me to not be happy with my performance when I know there are millions of people who would just be happy to have the chance to run a 5k?

You're probably wondering what the point is to this post.... I don't really have one. Remember, I said I have lots of thoughts swirling. I guess to sum it up.... I want to be the perfect runner, who never misses a running day, who always eats right and thinks positive and has all amazing races. I want to snap my fingers and have it all figured out. I guess this is why I am so obsessed with running marathons. Because each one is different and they are NEVER perfect.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Active Headbands giveaway....

It seems every time I run a race, half of the ladies are sporting a fun and flirty headband. Last May, when I went to the Flying pig marathon expo, I picked up my first non-slip headband and LOVED it. Well, my sister has recently launched her own headband company and sells the same product as all those other, but much more PRICEY headband companies. Her company is called Active Bands. <----- click link to visit their website

What Active Bands has to say.....

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and I am not exaggerating when I say.... "They are the best headbands and truly don't slip." Plus they are so affordable, you could buy one for each day of the week... ha, or one for each outfit.
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**On a side note..... Y-ouch. I set out for a 3-4 mile recovery run this morning and only made it 2 miles. It was already hot and humid... my first mistake. My blisters... or should I say Scabs, were rubbing and hurting something fierce. My legs were heavy and tired... I sound like such a whiner.... sorry. I plan on trying again in the morning and crossing my fingers for 4-6.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Scenic City Trail Marathon = super tough

The scenic trail marathon (just outside of Chattanooga Tn) was my 4th marathon since March, and my 3rd trail race. I love running on the trail. It is definitely a different beast then road racing, but probably more rewarding then a road race..... at least this one was. Take a look at the elevation. I ran that loop twice. Ouch is right.

This is Coy and I before the race. The race was delayed 30 min, due to runners still showing up. This irritated me because why should us on-timers be punished just because they couldn't get their crap together and get to the start by 8am. It's not like it was a 6am start. I guess this may be due to how laid back trail runners are.

Coy's husband was on the trail at about mile 8 and snapped a few pics of me. I look like a weird-o.... I think I was talking. Ya, that's it. ;)

This is at about mile 11. We are running along the bottom of the dam. Picture... courtesy of Luis Martinez.. thanks dude.This was just one of 4 blisters I got. Ouch.

I realize that I claimed to have had one of the hardest runs of my life back when I ran the Country Music marathon.... but that was a cake walk compared to this course. The terrain was dirt, sand, rocks, boulders, roots, and gravel. I tripped at mile 3ish and skinned up both knees. A war wound I like to call it. The terrain was very comparable to the Land Between the Lakes trail marathon I ran back in March, but Scenic City is much hillier. Their website downplayed how tough a course it really is.

By the end of the race, the temps were up to *87. I had some pretty rough heat exhaustion and I was sick the rest of the day. I didn't go into this race with a goal time.... but by mile 15, my only goal was to finish and not be dead or last. I was neither of those things and I did finish. Isn't that all that matters?

So what did you do the day the world was suppose to end?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm running the Scenic Trail Marathon this Saturday in Chattanooga TN. I am meeting up with my friend Coy, (First in Philly) who is running the half. I am excited to see her and to run with her. We haven't run together since Sept. She has been thrown several curve balls as far as injuries, so she is more then ready to attack the trail and get some miles in.

Found this pic today. Love it.

Have you seen my motivation anywhere? I seemed to have lost my drive for running the last 2 weeks. I would really like to get it back. I think with my morning schedule being has been turned upside down since my 5 year old has been out of school. I use to hit the road/YMCA after the girls went to school, now I have to either wake at the butt crack of dawn, which I hate. Or I have to drop the little munchkin off at the YMCA at the child watch, so that I can run, or hit some weights. The temps are creeping up and so my decision is being made for me by mother nature. On the mornings I can actually drag my butt out of bed, I love it. I love running as the sun comes up, and being showered and ready by 8am.

Determined, that's what I am. I am going to be good about hitting the road in the early AM hours. What are you determined to accomplish this summer?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A wet, stinky, cheer leading, trail running mess.... ;)

I get to wear my trail shoes on my next 26.2 ...... which happens to be next weekend. Wahoo!! So thrilled that my 10 year old made the traveling cheer leading team at her school. Life is going to get really busy.... and I think we will be playing in Dallas real soon.

After 2 weeks of non stop rain, and tornado threats.... this is what my yard looked like. It was a wet, stinky mess. We had a HUGE tree fall at the front end of the storms, and so it layed there for more then 2 weeks before we could clean it up. We were able to recruit some help from our friends from church, and My little 5 year old was quit the Diva.

Even though I have my next marathon in just a week and half... I am finding it hard to scrounge up the motivation I need to get me out on the road.... ugh. Hope it passes quickly.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Country Music Marathon Race Report

It's about time I post this race report, it's only been 6 days.

I admit I am not a writer. I'm not funny. I'm not witty. I'm not a great blog read. I don't post on this blog for anything other then having a running journal, so you all get to read some of my thoughts, even if it resembles vomit on a page. So I struggle with what to blog about. Sometimes I feel guilty for not being a daily blogger (or journal-er) But I'm pretty sure no one wants to read my daily thoughts or concerns, even if it is about running.

So when I have a marathon that I am super disappointed in and not excited to journal about, it takes some serious teeth pulling to get me to update the ole blog. So here it is... my sucky marathon #16 race report.

We (the hubby and I) made the 2 hour drive down to Nashville on Friday, and barely had time to get into the super crazy and crowded Expo before it closed. Here we are just after picking up our numbers.

As we made our way out of the Expo, I spotted this beauty. I found this to be funny. I'm kicking myself for not going inside and snapping a pic of the inside. Greg and I at the start line.

We were in Corral #6 out of 30. Greg ran the half marathon and I ran the full. We were able to run the first 11 miles together before splitting off. We went out way to fast (my fault) and with the hilly course, going out to fast, and the heat, this was a recipe for disaster. UGH.....

After Greg turned off at mile 11, I plugged into my ipod for some much needed tunes. By mile 14 I was feeling really tired. I had to stop many times to stretch my Achilles tendons. Not sure what was up with that. They were both screaming at me the entire run. At mile 17, we run past the LP field, which is where the finish line is. This totally sucked. Running past the finish line and seeing half marathoners finish, and even several full marathoners finish, messed with my head, and I still had over 9 miles to go. Oh man..... I walked for nearly 5 min at this point. Even though I never fully pulled out of my funk, by mile 19.5 I was feeling much better, and found I was running more then walking. I'm not against walking in a marathon. I walk through every water station, but to walk the amount I did was devastating and a blow to my ego. By mile 25 I was hot (temps reached 76*) and starting to feel really dizzy. I didn't want to walk during the last mile, but I was seriously worried I might pass out.

Finally the finish line.... Not happy with my time at all, but happy to have finished.

This marathon is super big. With over 30,000 runners, it could have been a lot more chaotic and frustrating, but all in all, not bad. I don't plan to run this one again anytime soon. If I do.... I will train differently and attack race morning differently, and maybe make sure I hadn't just run a marathon 2 weeks before.

As for the half marathon we were registered to run May 7th (tomorrow) It's been post-poned till June 18th. Our local area has been hit with some pretty serious flooding and the start/finish line looks to be right smack in the middle of all the chaos. We wont be able to run it on the new date. We have a church activity we are committed to. No worries... I've already registered for my next marathon (#17)... I'll post about that later.