Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mock Tri #1

I did it. I made it through 20 min of swimming, 20 min of biking and 20 min of running. Can I just tell you..... IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I loved it. During my swim practices, I have already run, or lifted weights, so today it was nice to be fresh and 100% ready for the water. My goal for the swim is 20 laps in 20 min. I think I did that today. Think?? ya, well I lost track, so I was either 19 or 20 laps.. I'll take 20.

We rushed into the locker room, changed into our cardio gear. We made our way into the spin room, and jumped on our bikes which were pre-set at the tension we will have on race day. I guess the man who set the tension puts them on what he claims is a 5.... girls who did this Tri last year, say it feels more like a 7, so we are training on a 7. It is tough for me to hold a 7 at the RPM's I want for 20 min. I have some work to do. The bike was the hardest on me for this reason. We can't touch the tension at all, and they watch us and time us, and check the pedometer on the bike before and after to see how far we go. We didn't check our distance today. Maybe during next weeks mock.

So like I said before the run is on he indoor track. It is a tiny track. 18 laps make a mile. I have never really run up there for more then a few laps to warm up for boot camp. I stayed on the hills of Brenda, who is the person who won the entire thing last year. She rocks! Our first mile was 7:11... wow, then she said the 2ND mile was 7:33 or something like that. We were 4 laps shy of 3 miles. So we decided our goal for race day is 3 miles. That is 54 laps around the track. We are going to try running with little clickers. The run was not to as bad as I thought it would be. I was very happy with it.

We had so much fun that we decided to try it again.... 2 more times before March 13Th. :)

So my sister received her package today, so I can tell you what I ordered. I didn't say in my last post because I sent her my old one and I knew if she knew what I ordered, she would figure it out, and I didn't tell her what I had sent. Anywho.... I got me a new GPS watch. YAY!!!!

I got the Garmin 405. I didn't ever use the heart rate monitor with my old one, so I ordered just the watch, No heart rate monitor. I haven't run with it yet, but I already love it. I am running long tomorrow, so I will be able to test it then.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Running Warehouse

I love to use to order my running shoes and clothes. Of course I like to try the shoes on first, but when I find the shoe I want, I order from here. They are always at least $10 cheaper and it's free shipping all the time. I also receive my package within 2 days, always.... it may say 8-9 days but I get in within 2 days... I am in Ky, they are in Ca (i think) They were really good with me when I had to send back a pair of shoes last year too. Last night I ordered me some Roctane (GU) and some Luna Moon chews (yum). I also got me a new somethin somethin... but I can't tell you all just yet... I will in a few days when my twin sister receives her package I just mailed today, to UT...... she is going nuts not knowing what is in the package. I sent her a Web cam, which she knows about, so we can Skype (I miss her dearly) plus a little surprise. I love you Franny. After I made my order I started looking at the New Balance, Breast Cancer awareness line, on the running site. Oh my word. I need these shorts, ($23.95)

and this shirt ($14.95).... They are cheap too. Maybe this weekend I can butter up the hubby and make another order. I love to run in slightly longer shorts, and this top is so cute. What do you think?
Thursday we wont be having Yoga class, because the instructor is in the process of moving. The sub is also out of town. So a few of us girls from the Y are going to have a mock Tri. I am so excited, because I want to get an idea of what to expect on March 13Th when we have the REAL tri here at the Y. Have I mentioned it's a 20 min swim, 20 min bike (on the spin bikes) and 20 min run on the very short indoor track. (18 laps makes a mile) yikes
Last week my friend timed a few of us in the pool for 20 min. I was able to swim 19.5 laps. WOW. I surprised myself with this. Remember, I just started swimming a little over a month ago. I hope to get a full 20 laps on race day. Not sure what to expect on the bike, because I only bike during spin class, and it is still only once or twice a week. The run is going to be tricky on the indoor track too. I hope to run 2.5 miles, but not sure I can do it on the stuffy, short, congested track. I will let you know how Thursday goes. Prayers my way would be wonderful. tee hee

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

just some stuff..............

I have been MIA lately due to NO INTERNET... argh. We have been in the process of switching providers and no Internet for me. Back online today, with faster, super speedy Internet. :)

Still swimming, and loving it. I am swimming about twice a week, and feeling better with each swim. My friend from the Y is going to start teaching me flip turns.... yikes. This will be nice. I feel like such a newbie (OK I am a newbie) when I touch the wall and turn like a child. hee hee.

I snagged me some new kicks the other day. I have needed some new shoes for a while and finally dug into the check book and picked some out. I love them. The last few pair have been the Asics Kayano's, but I heard the 16's were not so great. I decided on the Asics Nimbus and I am happy with them. Two days after buying them I ran 12 miles in the new beauty's. Felt great and now I am thinking about snagging another pair for the other days. (like to switch my shoes each day)

I came down with a little cold last week. It didn't turn into much of anything but annoying. I am flemmy and yucky all day every day. I feel like such a puke when I am at the Y in classes and snuffing and sniffing and sounding like a RHINO. errr. :)

My little Beagle (Nellie) got super sick a couple of weeks ago. She spent the night in the doggie hospital and they never really knew what was wrong with her. A few night later she got even sicker and started vomiting blood and even had it in her diarrhea. Poor baby. She is doing better now. Pretty sure it was something like "Gastritis" (sp?) She is doing better and I am looking forward to warmer, dryer days when she can run with me again.

My left foot has been bothering me. It's right where the toes bend. I think it is wanting to be a stress fracture, but I am hoping with new shoes and babying it, things will get better. :) Rest.... what's that?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

'Shut up and Run'..... giveaway.

Have you ever bloggy met Miss "Shut up and Run"? She is Hilarious. She is also hosting a great giveaway sponsored by Champion (Target). Click here and check it out. I lover their sports bras and would love to try the long sleeve top and fleece jacket+ the pants sounds great. I need/want it all.

Monday, February 8, 2010

feeling good.....

Um, it was in the low 20's here this morning. I hate running in the cold, so I hit the dreadmill at the YMCA.... I don't mind the treadmill to much. I like it actually. I have a lot of friends at the Y, and the treadmill allows us to run 'together' but separate, (lol- now I sound like my 4 yr old speaking) For instance, today, I ran 7 miles on the treadmill, while my girl friend ran her 3 right next to me. We run at very different paces, so the treadmill gives us a chance to chat it up while getting our sweat on.

After the treadmill I jumped in the pool for a swim. I went 3/4 mile today, and felt GREAT doing it. I am really digging this swimming thing. I need new goggles.... mine really do a number on/around my eyes. I looked all puffy and funky for an hour after I finished. (the 4 yr old made sure I new I looked funny)

Headed back to the Y tonight, with the hubby. He will warm up while I do the abs class. Then we will hit the bikes for a 45 min Spin class. I love Monday's. I get to workout twice. :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I just had to let you all in on my new adventure. Not new to most of you, but something I have not done in several years and I am picking it back up. Swimming Laps..... I love it. There is this girl back home in UT, we use to be friends. She is a GREAT swimmer. We fell out of friendship love, and we don't really care for each other anymore. So every time I would think about swimming again, I would talk myself out of it, thinking..... "I don't want to be like her, nor do I want her to ever think I am trying to be like her". Well, I live 1500 miles away and I have also come to a place where I just don't care what she or anyone else thinks of me. (well I do, but I kind of don't) So with the new thinking of "Who gives a crap" I started swimming again. It has helped that I really really want to do this indoor Tri here at our YMCA. It is in about 5 weeks and I thought I had better get swimming. It's 20min swim, 20 min bike, 20 min run... hey I can so do this. So I started swimming last week. I am in heaven. Last week I swam Mon and Thur and it was tough. It took me 25 min to swim 1/2 mile. (I have to stop to catch my breath a lot) Monday I went again and I am not sure how long it took me, but I know it was closer to 20 min. YAY ME! Going to hit the pool again tomorrow. I might even push it and go 3/4 mile. :)

So, for the title of this post. Today was yoga day. I love yoga. It is very challenging for me. I can't really reach my toes and I hurt and shake and it just kills me to get through the 75 min. I do it for the stretching part of it. I don't really care for the head stands and funky upside down poses and things... I can't do them anyways. I still go and I feel as though it has helped. At one point in today's session, she had us meditate for about 2 min on 3 positive attributes we have. WOW.... I didn't realize how hard that was going to be for me. By the end of the 2 min I was tearing and runny nosing it a bit. It felt good to think about me, for a min. I came up with.....
Friendly.Giving.and Motivator.
I feel as though I am a friendly person, always willing to meet new people and except new friendships. I enjoy learning about other people and I try to show kindness and sincerity. I also feel as though I am a giving person, of my time, friendship, and anything else someone I care for might need or want of me. Sometimes this is not a good thing, but I feel as though I have controlled it pretty well. Lastly, Motivator.... I have been told by many, that I am a motivating factor in their decision to run a 5k or to even just start exercising. WOW, how nice of people to tell me this. But I have found it to be true in other ways as well. I am always the first one to push someone to try something new. A new hair cut, new outfit, new workout, and to motivate to push through the hard parts of life. I think today, I need to take my own advice. :) It's been a long week, and all I can think about is when I will be able to visit my friends and family next in UT. Not sure when that will be, but until then..... I will 'just keep swimming.'