Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life is like running a marathon.....

...and I love how this fellow runner filmed her journey as she ran the Boston Marathon. She relates running a marathon to our journey here on Earth. I hope you all enjoy..... I know I got something out of it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

new shoes and "The Ugly Truth"

I am walking out the door to buy these babies....

I love them. I fell in love with the Kayano 15 back in Feb when I purchased my first pair. I ran 3 marathons in them, and my feet are ready for a new pair. I was just thrilled to find they have them in Pink. (tis my favorite color)
I am hoping, with the purchase of some very cute, comfy, much needed shoes, I will get remotivated. Since my return from Utah, I have had a hard time finding the drive to get back into training mode. I have decided to run the Louisville Marathon on Oct 18Th. It's only an hour away and it's also my 12Th wedding anniversary, so the hubs and I thought we would make a weekend of it.

I went camping last night with some ladies from Church. We didn't go to bed until 5am and then we were woken to thunder at 6:30..... so I am a bit tired today, but the hubby and I are dating tonight aways. We will be hitting the running store and then dinner somewhere Yumilicious, and then to see the new flick "The Ugly Truth". I am super excited for this movie and I am hoping I will be able to stay awake... oh yes, Gerard Butler is the star.... I think I will be WIDE awake. ;)
I just hope I can wake up for my 7 am run.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I really am alive......

WOW! It's been nearly a month since my last post.

We enjoyed the rest of our visit in Utah, and it was sad and hard to come home, but it was nice to be with the hubby and to sleep in my own bed. I haven't been running a whole lot since the marathon, and it's been nice to not think about it, or to even feel guilty about not running. I am starting up again, now that we have adjusted to being back home. Trying to decide which marathon will be my next.
Sept is the Air Force marathon in Dayton, Oh.
Oct is the Louisville marathon.
Dec is the St Jude marathon in Memphis.
I really want to do all three, but I am thinking I should only pick one or two. (money) I will be deciding here in the next week or so.
This is the only pic I have from the Bear Lake Marathon. The second pictures was the best shot I got of the lake. I told you all I would post a picture of it when I got home. Not the best shot, but it will do. It is gorgeous there. Crystal clear water for miles, and we ran around it.
{ Frances ran the 1/2, Me, I ran the Full, Jenny ran the 1/2, and Brian also ran the 1/2}

My birthday was Yesterday. {32} and this is what the hubby got me. First time he has ever bought me jewelry. I think he did a great job, simple, yet pretty.