Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweating with the sharks.....

This morning on my run, I was wishing I had a squeegee or a shammy to keep the sweat out of my eyes, and off my face. My imagination went crazy and I started to create a cross of both. I started imagining me in front of the "Shark Tank" (Love that show) investors asking for money. My smile went upside down when I pictured the mean guys shooting me down and calling me a crazy runner lady.

This is mile 5 of the 10 miles I ran... alone today. Don't you love the gold glitter Active Band?!?! I sure do. No..... I did not jump into a pool after my LR. This is what happens when you run at 5:30 am and the temps are 76* and 90% humid.
Were you a sweating mess after your run?

Do you ever create a product that you think could help us runners?

Have you ever watched "Shark Tank"?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crappy runs.... but not that kind of crap

Sporting another one of my favorite Active Bands. Have you tried them yet? They are so cute, and they seriously do what they say..... stay in place. Check them out here.

Last Wednesday was my 34th birthday. We were able to drive the 4 hours to Paris and visit with a few friends. Our house hasn't sold yet, so we decided to rent it out for a while. We used that trip to meet up with the renters and get things squared away. I miss my house. I miss running in Central Ky. It's gorgeous there.....

I was also able to meet up with these beauties for some lunch, and girl time. You may recognize the sexy momma on the right. That's Coy from First in Philly.... she is super fun, you should check her out.

We decided to eat our lunch out on the patio (hot and humid, what were we thinking) and about 10 minutes later, we had another lunch guest. Look at this nasty creature. Sick sick sick.... it ran off pretty quick, but not before a snapped a pic.

My last 2 runs have sucked rocks, and I even cried after yesterday's 6 miler. (Rested today) I usually do my long runs on Sat but had to switch to Sun just for this one weekend. I ran 14 miles and struggled the entire last 5.5 miles. (Still averaged a 9:25) I almost cut it short and quit but just slowed down and got it done. I have been feeling like I am running through mud, while breathing through a straw. I know that with distance running, you have good days and bads days, and usually I tend to have more good then bad. The kicker this time is that I had to crappy runs in a row. I know it's hot and SUPER humid.... but I am really feeling like I've been slapped in the face and the world is laughing at me. Just feel so down in the dumps today.

I had several friends on FB give me some great one liners, and some nice pick me ups, and ideas of how to find my groove again. I decided to rest today and then head out tomorrow morning with zero pressure. Just me, the road, my running shoes and hopefully I will find my happy place again.

Monday, July 11, 2011

where have I been you ask????

Or most likely you haven't noticed that I have been MIA in the bloggy world.....

But I have been home, with my kids.... playing and enjoying the end of summer (School starts Aug 3rd here) I've been running the 10yr old to all sorts of Cheer leading fundraisers and practices.

I have also been dreaming of many things.

#1- My up coming trip (alone) to Utah, to spend a few days with all of my sisters. This is "Sister's retreat" #11, and I haven't missed one yet, and I am not about to miss one now. Shopping, laughing, cards, swimming, hiking, the theater, and LAUGHING... here I come..... well in 2 weeks.
#2- I've been dreaming of buying and wearing one of these adorable skirts in my next marathon. (Oct) You can check out Team Sparkle here. I have heard they are super cute in person but that they look pretty cheap and like they could snag and rip easily. hmmmm.
#3- Dreaming of Winter.... I am so sick of running in the heat and humidity. It slows me down, make me feel sluggish and just plain ole pisses me off. I promise here and now, to NOT complain about running in the snow and cold temps ever again. I always forget how tough it is to train for a marathon in the summer. When it's 70 degrees and 95% humidity at 5:30am for nearly every one of my runs, that's just ridiculous. Oh well... nothing I can do about it, but put my big girls panties on and deal with it. I took this picture just before my 10 miler on Saturday morning. It was 72* and 100% humidity at 5:30 am. This week it's suppose to be even hotter.... 77* at 5am. ugh.
#4- I am dreaming of my 3 fall/winter marathons. Marathon #18 will be in Oct in Louisville. #19 will be in NYC... ya baby, I am running the ING NYC marathon on Nov 6Th. My baby girl made me these notes and paper fan to wish me good luck on my NYC marathon. I must talk about it to much and dream out loud. #20 is in Huntsville, AL... The Rocket City marathon on Dec 10Th. So stinking excited.

The one thing I am not dreaming of lately is turning 34 on the 13Th or running in New running Shoes. Actually, I don't mind getting older, and I realize that 34 is still very young. I love my new Asics, and LOVE LOVE LOVE running in new shoes.

What have you been dreaming of?

What are the temps when you run?

What fall/winter marathons or races do you have planned?

***Stay tuned for my next guest post... written by my gorgeous sister in law.