Wednesday, November 5, 2008

9 miles of Hills..... UGH

I know you are all waiting on the edge of your seats to hear about my 9 mile run from Saturday. Oh, you're not? Hmmmmmm

Well we did it. We ran 9 miles. It was really nice to run with someone, even though she doesn't like to talk so we both wore our ipods, it was still nice. The roads here are HILLY. Yes I just moved from Utah where they have Mountains, but you don't run up in the mountains all the much. (if ever) You stay down in the valleys where the humans live and then try to stay on the flat roads, unless you are doing hill repeats or have to run that hill to get home. Here in Ky, you can't get anywhere without going up and over and then down a million hills. Franny and I picked a road that has gorgeous scenery, but we ran over 13 hills in 4 1/2 and then we turned around and did it again to get home. Yes, some of these hills are not as big as others, but about half are serious hills. I guess one good thing is, it can only make me a stronger runner. So if 9 wasn't punishment enough, we decided to do 5 more on the same road on Monday. We are truly rock stars. Here are just a couple of picture we took to show off the road we ran on, and No the pictures do not do the hills justice... they were hard.
While Franny was here we decided to have a little competition from now till Thanksgiving (3 weeks) to see who can lose the most weight, Greg is playing too. Then after thanksgiving we are going till the first of the year. We both know we need a little motivation over the holidays to not get carried away, so we thought we would focus more on the weight we need to lose and not the food we want to eat. (WE LOVE OUR SWEETS.... thanks mom)
Here is a picture of Franny that I took, not going to say what she was doing, but you know, right Franny?

Conversation with Morgan while making lunch:
Morgan: "mmmm, I love cookies" (she was eating a cracker)
Me: "mmmmm me too, but I am going sugar free till Thanksgiving."
Morgan: with over exaggerated excitement....... "I want to go too"
Oh the innocence of my three year old.
Here is my adorable three year old after applying her own makeup yesterday.


Mindy said...

It looks like a beautiful run, if torturing! ;) I'd like to have more hills sometimes, to add variety and challenge to my running. Way to go with the 9 miles!!

Stacey said...

I LOVE hills! Conquering one it the best feeling!

Nice makeup, at least she gets it where it is actually supposed to go! Your girls are adorable!!

RunnerMom said...

That looks exactly like northern Tennessee where I live (go figure since you are only three hours away!). Those constant little hills will wear you out. But the CMM is totally hilly, so you'll be prepared.

I'm running lonely lately. My favorite running buddy is taking some time off and I can't seem to connect with anyone else. I would love to do 9 miles with someone, but I can't seem to bring myself to run that far alone!

Backofpack said...

Holy moly! You know they say kids learn from watching their where did Morgan learn to put on makeup??

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by my blog. Advice? Run lots of marathons and 50ks between now and the 50 miler. If the 50 miler is on trails, run lots of trails, if it's on roads, run roads. One does not translate well to the other, so train on the same type surface. Try to get some 50+ mile weeks in. Learn to eat real food while you are running. Gels can carry you through a 50 miler, but you'll be out there for a long time and you'll get hungry. Learn to eat lots in small quantities. Don't try to run it at race pace - plan to be slower and take walk breaks. That's all I have for now, train hard and have fun!!