Thursday, March 19, 2009

Penelope the dog....

This is what my 3 yr old calls our newest member of the family.

Yes.. she is sleeping on a Dora Blanket. She has adopted every blanket in our house.

My hubby found this dog at the shelter last week. He called me and asked me to come down and look at her. I scooped up the kids and we ran down. We all fell in love with her. She was being spayed the next morning so we weren't able to take her home till Friday night. She got super sick over the weekend, but when her urine was the color of blood, I knew she needed to see the Vet. So I think we picked out the sickest dog at the Shelter. Most of what was wrong with her was not from her surgery.

She had a bladder infection, a respiratory cold, Her ears were both infected, and the biggy... she has Pancreintits (sp). The Doc said if she had gone another week, she wouldn't have been able to pull through. So thanks to me sweet little 8 year old who noticed the color of her urine. The fix.... 48 hrs of IV antibiotics and IV fluids. So got our dog and then 2 1/2 days later she had to stay at the vet for three days. She came home last night and seems to be doing a lot better.

Her name is Penelope (we call her Nelly) and she is 1 yr old. She is so sweet and she loves my kids. She is so patient with them. So my question is.... Does anyone know if Beagles make for good running dogs?

This week was not the best week for getting back into a solid routine. With my sick dog, and a sick 8 year old, it kept me from being more ambitious. I am running 20 miles in the morning. I have a church thing going on on Saturday that I am in charge of, so I wanted to get my run done Friday instead. I have a little babysitter coming to the house to watch the 3 yr old and I am just going to get it done. Lets pray there is no wind.


Unknown said...
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RunnerMom said...

Wow, your life and many similarities. We have our new kitty from the pound and she sleeps on THAT VERY DORA BLANKET that belongs to my two-year old.

Did you see the not-so-uplifting comment from Anon. on my blog? I deleted it and had to turn off Anonymous comments. That's the 2nd time it's happened.

Good luck tomorrow! It looks like we'll both have cool, clear weather!

Unknown said...

Sorry about the reomeved comment above. I really need to proofread my comments before I hit the publish button!! Horrific spelling mistakes :P

Our dog was a beagle mix (but mostly beagle) She was a great running dog when she felt like running. She was very headstrong and if she didn't want to run there was no convincing her otherwise.

Hope Nelly is feeling better soon!

Organic Meatbag said...

Adorable! We have a beagle too, and her name (no kidding) is Nellie... she has been the light of our lives for almost 9 years now...they are great dogs...

Bethany said...

Oh, you saved her! I think she already knows that too... Good luck on your 20 miles and enjoy Miss Nelly!

Unknown said...

I do boxer rescue and it just warms my heart everytime I see someone adopt from a shelter. I know several dogs in our rescue have pancreatitis, and can keep it controlled through diet. Let me know if you'd like me to ask around on what foods and stuff are good. She is precious!

Aron said...

she is sooooo sweet!!! glad she is doing ok now :)

i know a couple of bloggers (junk miles and ambitious aspirations) that run with their beagles... i think, as with every dog, you just have to have them build up their mileage like we have to :)

Mindy said...

Good luck with your 20 mile run!! I wouldn't suggest taking the dog with you for 20 miles... ;)

Marlene said...

What a gorgeous dog! I hope this is the end of the health troubles.

Good luck on the 20-miler!

Denise said...

Rescuing pets is the nicest thing! I'm so happy there's a pup in a nice home!!

Sarah said...

Aww...what a cute doggie! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

RunToTheFinish said...

yeahhhh welcome home to the new family member. hope the whole fam is up and running soon

Kim said...

Hope everyone is recovering well.
Good luck on your long run.

Felice Devine said...

So cute! I hope everyone feels better and you have a great 20 miler!!!

Chic Runner said...

So cute! Hope she's feeling better soon. I think she would be a good running dog once she's up to it :) congrats on little Nelly!

Oz Runner said...

what a cute kids have been begging for a dog, but we're probably a few years away....sorry to hear that she is so sick, hopefully with a family loving on her she'll be back to full health in no time....

Mel-2nd Chances said...

beautiful dog! hope she'll be healthy now! :) i'd love to have a dog to run with!

Missy said...

Oh sweet puppy. She'll be great to run with. Rescue dogs are always so 'thankful' , it seems. So the cheap rescue dog costs hundreds, yep, seems about right.

Nikemom said...

Super cute dog! My boys would be soooo jealous (they want another dog). :)

Good luck with the 20 miles tomorrow.

Stacey said...

Your dog is so cute. I am so glad she is doing better and that she found a good home. I miss my Alex so much! Good luck with the busy weekend! What is your activity? Good luck with your 20 miler!

joyRuN said...

It's a great thing for Nellie that your family came along for her!

I've had to hire a sitter just to get my runs in before. Good luck with the 20 tomorrow.

Rookie on the Run said...

Cute dog! I hope she get well quickly she can play with her new, loving family. :)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet looking dog! Hope the 20 goes well!

Diana said...

Karma is a good thing...I think since you saved this little girl, she will run as much as you want her too!!
My grandpa always had a beagle-me, I'm a cat lover, but always had a soft spot for the beagle!

Kandice said...

Aww, that is so sweet, she looks like a great dog! I tried to call you the other day....
I bet Morgan and Penelope will be great friends while Taylor is at school!

Anonymous said...

Love the puppy! Rescue dogs are the best - they appreciate you so much! Glad she's getting better...thanks for the comments on my blog too! :-)

Sonia said...

Ah congrats on your adoption!!! She looks so sweet, she had a rough patch but she was adopted by good caregivers and can only go up from that =)

Beagles are super energetic dogs and I think she'll be a great running partner. I know beagles like to dig holes when they are not 'tired' enough. So the running will definitely help her. Let us know how it goes with your new running buddy!

Love the name!

Lisa said...

Sorry I am so behind on all my blogs. This post was a long time ago, but I wanted to comment. We have a Beagle. He is the BEST family dog in the world. Beagles are super tolerant of curious toddlers and other things that might make other dogs on edge. The only thing that drives me crazy is that he will go crazy for food. He gets in the garbage, jumps up on the table etc. Be warned. Beagles love their food. Resist the urge to feed her people food!

As far as running, our Beagle is not a good running dog. He gets tired pretty quickly. He doesn't run very fast with me. But my guy is pretty old. I never tried it when he was younger. He has bad hips now and is exhausted after a walk around the block.

I hope you are enjoying the new member of your family.

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