Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Running Warehouse

I love to use runningwarehouse.com to order my running shoes and clothes. Of course I like to try the shoes on first, but when I find the shoe I want, I order from here. They are always at least $10 cheaper and it's free shipping all the time. I also receive my package within 2 days, always.... it may say 8-9 days but I get in within 2 days... I am in Ky, they are in Ca (i think) They were really good with me when I had to send back a pair of shoes last year too. Last night I ordered me some Roctane (GU) and some Luna Moon chews (yum). I also got me a new somethin somethin... but I can't tell you all just yet... I will in a few days when my twin sister receives her package I just mailed today, to UT...... she is going nuts not knowing what is in the package. I sent her a Web cam, which she knows about, so we can Skype (I miss her dearly) plus a little surprise. I love you Franny. After I made my order I started looking at the New Balance, Breast Cancer awareness line, on the running warehouse.com site. Oh my word. I need these shorts, ($23.95)

and this shirt ($14.95).... They are cheap too. Maybe this weekend I can butter up the hubby and make another order. I love to run in slightly longer shorts, and this top is so cute. What do you think?
Thursday we wont be having Yoga class, because the instructor is in the process of moving. The sub is also out of town. So a few of us girls from the Y are going to have a mock Tri. I am so excited, because I want to get an idea of what to expect on March 13Th when we have the REAL tri here at the Y. Have I mentioned it's a 20 min swim, 20 min bike (on the spin bikes) and 20 min run on the very short indoor track. (18 laps makes a mile) yikes
Last week my friend timed a few of us in the pool for 20 min. I was able to swim 19.5 laps. WOW. I surprised myself with this. Remember, I just started swimming a little over a month ago. I hope to get a full 20 laps on race day. Not sure what to expect on the bike, because I only bike during spin class, and it is still only once or twice a week. The run is going to be tricky on the indoor track too. I hope to run 2.5 miles, but not sure I can do it on the stuffy, short, congested track. I will let you know how Thursday goes. Prayers my way would be wonderful. tee hee


RunnerMom said...

The mock tri sounds so fun!!! I need to organize one of those! (But first I must see if I can actually swim for 20 minutes--doubt it...)

I love the shorts. I want them, too.

RunnerMom said...

Oh, by the way, I love my Kayano 16's. They feel just as comfy if not more so than the 15's. So, if the Nimbuses (Nimbusii?) don't work out....

Marlene said...

YAY for online shopping! Can't wait to find out what you ordered.

Those shorts & tee are super cute too!

Good luck with the mock tri!!

Diana said...

Love the shorts! Gotta go and check that website out....

Jill said...

I like those shorts, I may need them :). Thanks for the review and good luck with the mock tri!!!

Heather @ Side of Sneakers said...

Oo I love that shirt! I like longer shorts too :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Love the shorts and shirts. I hope hubbs says YES!

Good Luck. Sending prayers your way!

Ewa said...

No need to butter the hubby up. Surprise him. Then just say, 'Honey, guess what I got you...' Isn't that how they buy all their toys? :)
Good luck on Thursday.

Baldwincrew-blog said...

Those running shorts are way to cute and you would look hot running in them. Love ya!

オテモヤン said...


Laura said...

Love the shirt and shorts! Good luck with the 'tri'.

Denise said...

the mock tri sounds so fun! great idea.

the link where you purchase from wouldn't work.

Pining for Pinterest said...

I love online shopping! I am in South Carolin and I get my shipments from Amazon so quickly because it is closer to me. Love all the outfits.

Kim said...

Oh yes...you need that outfit! And good luck on your tri. You'll have fun and do awesome!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Oh I need that shirt as I raise money for the Cure. thanks for the reminder on where to buy cheap stuff..

Katie A. said...

So glad you found me! Thanks for stopping by!
Wow, a tri! That is something I am so in awe of - I can't stand swimming! But you sound like you have really gotten a hang of it! Good luck!!!

kristen said...

Those shorts are cute for sure. Especially for the gym. I don't like prancing around in short shorts there.

That mock tri sounds like fun. Your going to do way better than you think. I know it!

prashant said...

Those shorts & tee are super cute too!
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