Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Running shoes please.....

Last week I spent 3 days with a bunch of teenagers from my church. I plan on posting about my experience, it was difficult mentally, and physically.... just waiting on some pics from others who went. I forgot my camera. I was very grateful to be in shape and in marathon condition. I am so grateful for my health.

I Love my Active Bands.

The hubby and I started our marathon training this week. I don't usually follow a specific plan. I kind of just do my own thing. But since this will be hubby's first full marathon, we decided to have a written schedule to tell us what we should be doing. (Hal Higdon) The marathon we are running, which is Oct 16Th, is flat and fast.

I have 433 miles on my "newest" running shoe. I do alternate my shoes, and I don't usually wear the same shoe 2 days in a row. I always know when it's time for new shoes. My shins start telling me... first kindly, and if I ignore them, then they start to scream. I didn't want them to start screaming this go-around, so I ordered some on Monday. I always buy my running shoes from In fact, I buy everything from there. Their customer service is awesome and it's free shipping, and I don't think I have ever waited more then 3 days to receive my goodies.

*How many miles do you put on your shoes before you NEED a new pair?
*Where do you buy your running gear?
*Do you like to follow a training plan?
*Have you checked out yet? You should.


Marlene said...

Can't wait to hear about the big trek!

I get 500 miles or so from most of my shoes, and always buy from my local store. We don't get those great online/shipping deals here, so I try to support that shop that runs my clinics.

Julia said...

Active bands = best thing ever. obsessed! = second best thing ever. I get all my shoes from there now! I think my last pair made it about 400 miles before I started noticing pain. I hope this pair will make it a bit longer than that but after having feet problems I do not mess around with shoes any more. woo hoo! so excited for your all's marathon training! you are an inspiration to me!

Coy Martinez said...

I've never gone this long on the same pair of shoes. Last October I bought a pair of Asics, paid $124 for those puppies. Talk about a smooth ride! Anyway, yeah, I'm still wearing those same shoes. Normally I would have upgraded but after running barefoot, running in shoes, even worn down shoes feels like a luxury. I do think the shoes were well worth what I paid and what I've gotten out of them. Next time : Newtons!!

I'm following Hals schedule too! I have it in the car but I think I'm on week 3, which puts me 3 weeks ahead of schedule, I'm down with that. I'm suppose to do 5 but actually I'm gonna do 8 Sat. I've been following his plans for all my biggies!

Kara said...

I actually just get new shoes every 4 months. I run pretty consistent miles and that's just easier than trying to add it all up.

I use Road Runner Sports, they have good prices and free shipping too.

Your husband's first full! How exciting to do that together!

SupermomE13 said...

Our kids are leaving with our ward on their trek tomorrow morning. I hope it is a great experience for them. :)

Love the active bands! My best friend tested one out during Ragnar last week and LOVED it too. And how cool your hubby is running his first full. Awesome! :)

kristen said...

I usually know the same way as you. New aches and pains! Since I work at a running store, obviously I buy there. Running warenouse is excellent. Unfortunately, I know htere are people who come in for our expertise find out what shoe they need and then order it online. That's lame! (not saying your one of them)

Excited to hear about your weekend. 3 days with a bunch of teenagers sounds exausting.

RunToTheFinish said...

i agree my knees start to tell me when a pair has passed their limit. I would say the more running I do outside the quicker they have to go, probably by 500. If i split some on the treadmill or track I can go a little longer

Felice Devine said...

I usually go about 400-450 miles with my shoes.

I try to buy some gear from my local Fleet Feet and some online.