Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three things Thursday

1- Inspiration #1....
I was picking up my cute little beagle, Nellie from the vet yesterday. (She was getting her teeth scrapped and cleaned, no more, kill me with your breath-breath) While I was waiting for the front desk girl to go in the back and bring her up, I was watching this little old man.
He was in his early 70's (just a guess) and he was so funny with his dog. I don't know what kind of dog he was, but man-o-man he had an ugly face. The old guy kept saying "Calm down son" to the dog. He would talk to this dog like he was seriously his human son. It was so cute. Then when they stood up to go into the check up room to give this dog his allergy shot... I noticed the old guy had a seat belt like buckle strapped to his waist, and the dog's leash was attached to the buckle. I was very curious and at first kind of laughing in my head. I thought it was odd. I over heard him with the vet tech talking about the dogs poor vision and how dependant they are on each other. I started to think these two were just adorable. As the tech was ringing us up for Nellie's treatment, I mentioned how cute that old guy and his "son" were. She then told us that the dog is really old, and that he use to run marathons with his owner.
Rewind.... did she say marathons... that always catches my attention. The old guy still runs but can no longer take the dog because he can't see (hence the strapping of the seat belt buckle and dog leash) and the "son" has gone through chemo therapy, and numerous other surgeries. I am a huge dog lover and it just warmed my heart knowing these two loved and needed each other so much. Plus they are runners... well the son no longer runs but apparently he is still really active. Loved it!!!

2- Inspiration #2....
Had to run into the local GNC looking for a supplement for muscle recovery. Got to talking to the guy working.... maybe 28, and when I mentioned that I ran a marathon a week and a half ago and getting ready to run another in 10 days (now 9) he told me he is training for his first full marathon coming up this January in Florida. He told me he started out at 350 pounds and could barely walk up the stairs. He has now run several half marathons and weighs about 230 lbs (my guess). He was asking me all kinds of questions about motivation for reaching the 20 mile mark, and then finishing the marathon. I found it funny, because I was very touched my his inspiring story. I love hearing about people who have made a drastic life change to become healthier and to put the cherry on top... run a marathon. Awesomeness!!!!

3- Not about inspiration... just random
My quads have had a seriously hard time recovering completely from my last marathon. They don't HURT but they are super TIRED all the time. With the NYC marathon just 9 days away.... I have hit panic mode. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Here is what I have been trying as of Tues.
- Heat therapy daily
- Salonpas patches (even though there isn't any pain)
- Took 2 rest days in a row.... didn't help
- wearing compression socks
- taking 6 pills a day of this muscle recovery stuff the GNC guy recommended
- Drinking After Shock shakes after work outs

Oh ya... and I got my NYC outfit in the mail. It's so stinking cute. But I have decided NOT to wear the green top. It's kind of buggy in the arm pits. So I will be hitting up Dick's Sporting Goods for something to match.

What has inspired you lately?
When is your next race and where is it?
What kinds of Muscle recovery supplements do you take.... if you take any?


Julia said...

that old man story with his pup = incredible. i want to be like that some day! i LOVE running with my pup. dont think i would ever make her do a marathon though...although she would do it. her heart for persevering is maybe stronger than mine even if she is so little. haha

for muscle recovery i like glutamine with chocolate milk, gotein, my foam roller.

blonde ponytail did a post once about her legs being like this and she got a lot of suggestions to go for a hard run and then immediately do an ice bath. something like it shocks the legs and then promotes quick healing with the cold bath. i may be making this up as i cant remember exactly but it made sense to me at the time. i am just a baby about ice baths ;)

ps. got a tank today at target on clearance for 2.50 and my first thought (before I even saw this) was that it would look so perfect with the skirt you bought. you should check there!

Rabid said...

So, my recovery advice is to limit the running around. I swear that going about doing errands take more out of you than actual running. I do what I call a "power rest." I get three movies and watch them back-to-back (ish.) Usually the kids are involved. We sit on the couch all day. It's glorious, really. The kids look forward to it. No cleaning, no laundry, no nothing... just good quality rest time with people you love!

After a day of doing nothing you should be to go.

AND! I'm so excited for you. The NYC experience will blow your top off. (Figurative of course.)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Inspirational stories for sure. That old man tugs at my heart strings!

Fatigued legs - I would have said rest, but it sounds like your already doing that. My other suggestion is to wear supportive shoes. Even in the house. No flip flops, high heels, or flats. SUPPROTIVE shoes (like running shoes). You'd be surprised how much you body works without them. Hope that helps.

Coy Martinez said...

I was taking a hot shower yesterday and all I could think about is how they should have HUGE ice baths after a marathon, something people can just wade in like Roman bathing!! It would be such a plus!

I don't know that I can be of any help, my legs are soooo sore today!! I forgot to tell you that I have to run a mile tomorrow for this charity thing! I might be seriously jogging.

Oh! And YOU inspire me!