Thursday, June 14, 2012

Um, yikes.....

It's only been like forever since my last post.
                                 (All these pics are from the Buffalo 50 miler)
Let's see... the last post said I was off to NYC, and then I haven't updated anything since. So here is a quickly on what my running world has been like since Nov.

- I ran NYC marathon in 4:05... and I loved every minute.
- I ran Rocket City marathon in Huntsville Alabama (#20) after being super sick for a week, and losing 5 lbs. I was nervous but I knew I was going to run no matter what. I just took it easy from the start and finished in 4:45 (I think :))
- I ran Land Between the Lake trail marathon as a training run for the 50 miler I had coming up. 4:55 (I think)
- I ran Buffalo 50 mile ultra run in Utah, out on Antelope Island in March. I was hoping for anything under 10:04 because I wanted to beat my previous years time by an hour. (11:04) I finished in 9:50... YAY me!!!
- I ran Iron mom Half marathon in Paducah Ky, May 12th... I came in at 1:36 and first female overall. I won $100 to Dick's sporting goods.
- I ran a 10 hour endurance run this past weekend. It was in Paducah Ky. It was held on a 1/2 mile horse track which was made up of finely crushed limestone and dirt. It was a lot like running on gravel and it was brutal on my backside. My goal was to run 50 miles in the 10 hours. I finished with 104 laps in 9:55.... which according to the race officials is 52 miles. However.... my garmin 310xt tracked me at 54.1 miles. I knew at mile 1 when it beeped and I still had a tenth of a mile to reach a complete 2 laps, that the track was not measured right. So I am saying I ran 54 miles, even though official results say I ran 52.... whatever...

So what's next?

-I am running a marathon on July 24th out in Utah. This will be my hubby's first full marathon. I have two sisters running with us as well. I am so excited.
- I am hoping to run another 50 miler in Oct in Nashville.
- I am going to try for a marathon PR (3:25) in Dec.
- and then next March I am hoping to complete my first 100 mile Ultra marathon.

Ok, I'm tired.... ;)

What do you have coming up that you are most excited for?


ihaverun said...

I'm tired too! You are a machine. And an incredible runner!!! I am excited to follow your upcoming races. Hope to see you in July :-)

Coy Martinez said...

I found myself holding my breath while reading this!! You've accomplished so much! I smell a BQ approaching. :)

Jess Perry said...

We may need you to do a guest post about " loving to run far!"

Becca said...

So so so cool you ran the 50! I haven't been on this blog in literally years, but I was excited to read about your running experiences. Hope running is treating you well and congrats on your 50!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You are amazing!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Awesome. Your goals make me tired just reading them! Fabulous pics btw. :)

Rachel said...

Great post. Really like this one.

Spring2Life said...

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