Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cemetery running?!?!

So this is what my week is looking like so far:
Monday: 7 miles tempo
Tuesday: Boot Camp at the Y
Wednesday: 45 min Spinning, 6 miles and 15 min on the rowing machine
Thursday: 75 min of Yoga, 4 or 5 miles running, maybe the rowing machine
Friday: 30 min weights upper body, rowing machine, maybe 30 min Elliptical or rest day
Saturday: 20 mile long run
Sunday: rest or 3-4 mile recovery

I want to run everyday, and when I run, I want to run far and as hard as I can. I just love running, there is nothing else like it. I am a running FREAK!
I also really enjoy some extra workouts the Y offers, and I love doing the workouts and gabbing with friends. (since I always run alone) I am just tired. I have cut out the Diet Soda.. I am not a coffee drinker and I am just feeling tired. I know I need more vitamin C, so I am eating more oranges and I actually really enjoy a boiled egg at each snack. YUMMY- Seems to help.

I am not a big morning person. I don't enjoy being up before the sun, and so sometimes it is torture for me to get my long runs in on Sat before the heat hits. (nice the weather is cooling down) During the week I head to the Y and drop of my 4 yr old at the child watch and do my running and other classes. When I run from the Y, I have certain loops, or out and back routes that I enjoy. Sometimes I will be about .5 mile the Y and still feeling great so I will run into the cemetery and do one loop to add an extra mile. I love this loop. It is quiet, peaceful, it smells good, you know, like fresh flowers and trees. I had heard of people running in the cemetery before and always thought is was so weird. I am sorry to you all. I am now a Cemetery runner. I love seeing the older ladies that walk the cemetery and they always have a huge smile and wave for me. Do any of you run through your local cemetery? or do you think I am crazy?

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Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

50 Miler WOW!! That would be awesome.

You are an inspiration, so fit, so focussed and so FUN! Keep up the great work.. I just looked at your Marathon time on the right...UMMMM WOW!! You stinkin rock lady.

I have not run in the Cemetary, but there is a BEAUTIFUL cemetary about 15 minutes from my house that has a view of Mount Rainier and some great hills to train. I have toyed with testing it during my next Marathon training cycle.. Which is ??? TBD

Erin said...

There are so many cemeteries near me but I've never run through one. The gates are open totally weird hours so I'm never sure if I would be trespassing or not. I sure have thought about it, though!

Marlene said...

You're a running machine! I am truly inspired.

I'd run through a cemetery if there was one nearby... but there isn't.

Enjoy the workouts!

(Thanks for the linky!)

Katie said...

I don't often run through cemeteries now, but in high school and college I had a few cemetery loops. Loved them! Quiet and pretty.

Also, looks like you like the row machine? I love the row machine! It's so hard!

Ruthie said...

I read about a lady that was very overweight and she ran in park and had some people yell insults at her. She didnt want to give up .. but she didnt want to be around insulting people.. so she ran in a cemetery and loved it.. she was alone, no one to yell insults at her and it was peaceful.. if i remember correctly she lost over 100lbs..
need to see if i can find that article...

Mindy said...

I just ran through the cemetary the other day. I love cemetaries... is that weird?

Marci said...

You are a running machine!

Oz Runner said...

nice mileage and running plan...i've run past a cemetary, but never through one, that must be a little weird...good luck on the long run this weekend...

Diana said...

Cemeteries are my favorite places to run in. I remember last year going to Jamestown, NY for a Lucille Ball celebration, I ran in the cemetery where she is and got all choked up for sure! They are so of the best places to run in!

Anonymous said...

Hey Janice! I used to go walking at the cemetary here in Brigham - I loved to go back and forth, back and forth. No traffic, no noise, lots of shade from the trees, beautiful scenery, etc. Love it. In fact, maybe I need to get my rear end back to walking at the cemetary. :D

{will run for margaritas} said...

AWESOME week of workouts!!! You are NO JOKE!!! :-)

I think running through a cemetery would be awesome! Arlington National Cemetery is really close to me - but running is not allowed in the cemetery! :( I love walking through it, though - so much history and SO many people that have risked their lives for our freedom!

Enjoy Cemetery running!

kristen said...

I've never run *through* a cemetary, but I've run past them. I can see how that would be a good run though.

Your a machine with all those workouts. Good for you! Keep it up.

RunToTheFinish said...

woot woot for all the running freaks!! I am finally feeling recovered from my injury and now I'm like ready to roll every day! I"m trying to force myself to take rest days, but I'm pumped and I do love long runs...i'm working on loving speedwork

RunnerMom said...

Running freak? I think you are a running STUD! All runs as hard and as far as you can? Can I get some of what you're having?

I have toyed with the idea of doing a loop in the cemetery on my running route, but it just seemed wrong somehow. It's kind of isolated back in there!

Kim said...

Never thought to run through the cemetary, but have to now.

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