Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marathon #15 coming up

It's that time in my schedule when I wake up with a cold.... must mean it's marathon week. It seems I come down with some sort of physical ailment the week of a marathon. My 15th marathon is no different.

I flew to Utah on the 1st, (spring break) my kids came down with the stomach flu on the 6th and 7th, luckily I never fully came down with it. Yesterday I woke with the start of a cold. I am doing all of my tricks, along with extra rest and hydration. I am not going to let this cold get me down.

I am so excited for this marathon. Not just because it's #15, but because I am running this one with 2 of my sisters, and my handsome hubby is starting the race with us, where he will leave us at about mile 7 and finish the half. This will be my twin sisters first FULL marathon and I am so excited for her. The weather looks as though it is going to be ideal running temps... at the start 40's and by the finish... 50's... nice!!!!

I ran this (Slat Lake Marathon) 4 years ago, I don't remember much about the course or really if I liked it or not. I think my time was about 3:57 ish.... Twinners time goal is 4:20-4:30, so Maria and I are hoping to be good pacers and get her to her goal.

It's going to be a GREAT day!!!!

** What are some of your tricks to stay healthy during race week?


Unknown said...

#15!!!! that is crazy!!! You go girl! I cannot wait to hear all about it!

Coy Martinez said...

You're gonna do great! I'm a tad jealous! I wanna run far too!!

The weather is gross here, be glad you're there :)

Blaine said...

I'm excited for this weekend also. I've run the half the past two years and decided it was time to run the full.

Unknown said...

How great to be running with your sisters and hubby! #15! Woohoo! I will be thinking about you on Saturday!

ihaverun said...

Good luck this weekend!! I hope your cold is just a 24-hour thing. Fingers crossed.

Enjoy running with your sister and hubs. How awesome is that!!

RunToTheFinish said...

i think getting sick before the race is how our bodies enforce taper! :) good luck and have so much fun with your sisters

kristen said...

Good luck girl. Have a great race.