Sunday, September 28, 2008

Marathon Mommies

Look at some of this cute stuff I found while surfing around on running blogs. What do you think? Should I order the decals? And which shirt?

You can customize this decal with the number of kids you have. What do you say Maria? Should we tell the world we are Marathon Mommies? I love that it has the kids running behind the mom. Taylor has been wanting to run lately. I will take her up to the school parking lot and she runs laps around while wearing my GPS watch, she loves to keep track of her time, and distance. We even got her some running clothes. ;) Morgan gets so angry because she can't keep up, she ends up sitting on the sidewalk crying her eyes out.
Which shirt do you all think I should get?

You can find these items at the Marathon Mommy blog spot, click here.


Ruthie said...

Love your blog :)
glad you added me.. :)
cant wait to read more .. have you really done 6 marathons? and is that your foot?
way cool.


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Morgan. Can you get a jogging stroller to take her in. I love mine (although I don't jog). But maybe she'd feel more included then.

I like the "peace and quiet" shirt. That one is cute.

Mindy said...

Oh, crap! I've been forgetting to check up on this blog! It looks like you've been doing great. I'll do better checking in with you, okay? :)

Kelly(M&M) said...

Hi Janice,

Welcome to Marathon Mommies! We would love to have you join us as a contributor if you haven't already sent your bio in. Congrats on your speed- I would love to be as fast as you are.

Kelly (M&M) from Marathon Mommies

Run Mommy said...

Wow - you are a fast runner! Your blog came recommended so I am anxious to tune in. By the way, I plan on ordering a t-shirt from Marathon Mommy - love them.