Saturday, October 17, 2009

Missing my sisters.... and what to wear

*ME* The TWIN* The older SIS*
This picture was taken in Utah this past June. While I was out visiting, 2 of my sisters (I have 6) and I went for a trail run. Talk about fun fun fun...... I miss them so much. The one in the middle is my twin sister, and the one on the far right is 15 months older then us. I {heart} my sisters!

Just thought I would blog real quick. I am feeling antsy and ready. I want to jump in the car right now and drive to the start line and get this party started. I am ReAdY.....

I am trying to decide what to wear. I think for sure I will stick with my fave long shorts, but not sure what to wear on top. The weather reports are saying the clouds should clear, and it should be a high of 54, but I am leery. I think I will start the race with throw away gloves, and a throw away long sleeve top. I am always afraid I wont see my clothes again. I usually stop at the Goodwill and purchase something cheap and then don't need to think twice about losing that top. I will end up either in my "Livestrong" tank top, or just a green short sleeve top. I will see how it looks/feels in the morning.

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Carly said...

great picture of your and your sisters! Good luck today, you will do great!a

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Why thank you!! Everyone needs more color in their lives. Wow 6 sisters...CRAZY!!

Good luck, I am sure you will know what to wear..

kristen said...

You might have mentioned that before, but 6 sisters. wow. that's alot of hair in the drain growing up :)

Good luck!!

Denise said...

SIX sisters!! i thought having 2 older sisters was a lot to handle!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

OK congrats on your MARATHON!! I can't belise you were running BQ pace and didn't know it.. CRAZY fast chick.. When is your next Marathon? I say you sign up for one ASAP and get your BQ sister..

Ummm having your last mile be the fastest...I can only hope to be in that good of shape. Inspiring.

I hope you had a nice anniversary too :)

Marlene said...

You have 6 sisters? I think that's amazing!!

Hope you had a great race!!!