Friday, October 2, 2009

My FIT BY FALL Challenge

Denise over at Running Journal has been hosting a weight loss challenge. We just send her our % each Monday and she posts them on Wednesday. Really no rules, just eat healthy and lose weight. I have a 6% weight loss, and a few of you have asked me what I am doing.
First off.... over the last 1 1/2 years I have gained nearly 20 lbs. (moving,emotions,love food) So to start out, I was really needing to lose a bunch of weight anyways. It's not like most of the other girls, who I am sure are already teeny tiny and don't really need to lose in the first place. I NEED TO LOSE. I run all the time, and I have continued to train for and run marathons, but the weight seemed to sneak on. I was never watching or caring what I ate. I was very relaxed in my workouts, and I just didn't give any of it much thought. The Big move to Ky really messed me up. (emotional eater)
So about the time Denise started her challenge, my cousin offered up a challenge called......
There are 4 teams of 11.

Each person is responsible to get as many daily and weekly points as they can. Every Monday we turn in our points to Becky and as a team you accrue your team"s points. The 3 teams that DO NOT win for the WEEK, all (members) put in $5 to the pot. At the end of the 16 weeks (Nov 23rd)
the team with the highest grand total, wins the pot.
Here is the point break down:

Daily pts:

Exercise 6 days a week for 5 pts a day:

Drink at least 48 oz of water a day for 2 pts:

No eating after 9 Pm for 1 pt:

No sugar treats for 5 pts a day:
5 fruits/veggies a day for 2 pts a day:


lose 1 lb= 10pts.... has to be a whole lb


Measure hips and waist for 5 pts for half an inch or 10 points for a whole inch.

We also do different weekly side challenges like: No soda (14 pts) extra cardio (15pts) journaling (14pts) Fresh F/V (7) these points are all extra, on top of our daily normal points.

So my dear fellow running buddies... this is how I have lost 6% of my body weight in 2 months. YAY for me!

I will be starting up this same challenge in Jan, and it will be called Slim by Spring. Again it will be a 16 week challenge. If any of you will be interested then, let me know. I am on Facebook (I have my profile on this pages side bar) and that is how I keep in touch with most of my friends doing this challenge right now, seems to be easiest this way. It is so much fun and if you are competitive, this is right up your ally. I love having a team to chat with (on our FB group page) about my weaknesses and strengths. It helps me stay motivated, knowing I have an entire team depending on what kind of points I will accrue.

Facebook me, and we can start a list for the January (Slim by Spring) if you are interested. :)

Have a great day.


Marlene said...

I'd love to get in on your Slim for Spring! (Marlene Bonia-Sykes on FB)

You've done so well, Janice. Keep it up!

RunToTheFinish said...

oh I have a Holiday Bootie Buster challenge that i put out to bloggies which was much like this and kept us all from gaining LBS over the holidays! How fun, thanks for sharing

Felice Devine said...

Way to go, Janice! Although, I have to say that from every picture I've seen on your blog you've never looked like you've had to lose an ounce!

Anyway, I'm going to have to check out the slim by spring challenge. Winter can be tricky with those holiday pounds :-)

kristen said...

Wow! 6%. That's awesome. Good for you. It doesn't matter how much you had to loose, that still takes discipline!

The spring challenge sounds like fun. I migh need it after this marathon is over and I continue to eat like a piggy, but not run the extra calories:)

Denise said...

Sign me up!

:: ashley :: said...

Hey Janice! I know Francis, and I was referred to your blog and I run a Dieting blog,
I would LOVE to feature your blog on Tuesday, with a link over to your site for me readers. If thats ok, please let me know!

Anonymous said...

Studies have shown that the recommended intake of 8 glasses (8-oz each) is a myth. Forcing down 48oz of needless water shouldn't count for points.

See the following for information dispelling this common myth and describing its origins:

Janice {Run Far} said...

anonymous... it's a good thing you aren't partisipating in my little challenge. I firmly believe 48 oz of water is NOT TO MUCH, and should NOT be a problem. Thanks anyways... :)